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Hold Portal

To those with Magery 0+ a thin iridescent ray of energy shoots from the caster's pointing finger to create the image of a iridescent door closing over the portal, holding it fast. However to the uninitiated it just appears as if the doorway the caster points at suddenly locks.


On a Success: Up to a 1+Magery yard area (4 max) of Entrances that can be barred may infact be held fast, as if it was held by a Lock - even if it lacks an actual lock - with a -1 penalty to bypass with a Lockpicking check (this penalty is increased by Magery level up to -4 maximum). However Extradimensional creatures or those with Magery 4+ can make a Will resistance roll to break this spell. The lock itself has a -10 penalty to detect it except for those with Magery 0+.
On a Critical Success: The Lockpicking penalty to bypass the door is increased by 7 or give a penalty of -3 to the Will resistance roll when Extradimension creatures or those with Magery 4+ try to break through.

Side/Secondary Effects

On a critical failure with the ritual casting roll, you and everyone involved suffer a -5 on all Sense rolls for the rest of the rest of the day due to sensing the turning of doorknobs, keys jingling, etc.
Skill Penalty: Arcana of Abjuration-6
Related Organizations
Material Components
A set of copper keys bound with a leather cord ($30 & 0.3lbs), which are destroyed
Gestures & Ritual
During the incantation of the ritual the caster is unweaving the leather cord binding the copper keys together, and all keys are bent and misshaped by the rituals completion.
Effect Duration
10mins per Magery level, 30mins max
Effect Casting Time
5 minutes
Regular: 44yds per Magery level, 176yds max
Typical Casting: Control Abjuration [5] + Area, 4 yards [40] + No Signature (Except with Magery 0+) [2] + Bestows a Bonus, +4 to Lockpicking [8] + Duration, 30 minutes [7] + Range, 176 yards [12] + Can be Bypassed by Elementals, Outsiders or Magery 4+ [-2] + Rituals (Components, Gestures, Incantations) [-6]
Energy: 66

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