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Antitdote Potion

A popular alchemical elixir with adventurer's, especially in area with lots of snakes! This green bubbling mixture has a slightly earthy aroma to it, its taste is actually surprisingly sweet with a tart grape after taste. It was a popular tonic in halfling culture, especially among the tired working class, before its medicinal effects were discovered by wandering adventurers a couple of centuries ago.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Effects after (ST/10) Drinks: After a 1-second delay a single Alchemical or Poison Affliction is negated, an additional affliction is also negated for each Magery level up to a maximum of 4. You must also make a HT-3 or Carousing+1 roll, with these modifiers: -1 cumulative penalty for each additional Drink over (ST/10), -2 if you haven't eaten, +1 if you have eaten. A failure results in you Hallucinating (you lose 1 FP) the next MoF in turns, or on a critical failure, this lasts for your MoF in minutes instead.
Item type
Consumable, Magical
Owning Organization
0.5 lbs
Base Price

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