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The state of Torthuil is often thought of as the bread basket of the High Kingdom. It is the largest of Talamh's territory and is where most of Talamh's farms and crops come from. The region is fields, plains, and hills with a handfull of small woods, rivers and streams. While the Starfall caused widespread devastation across Talamh, Torthuil with its widespread population and focus on agriculture, quickly recovered. It's people are often thought of as simple but diligent and hard working.   Currently, Sir Galvyn, a popular, charismatic and idealistic knight has established Torthuil as his seat of power and rules from the state's capital, Isealchlar. While only a knight, Sir Galvyn distinguished himself in the battles between the Noble's Coalition and the Viceroy. Since then, the Duke of Torthuil, Duke Brian Tallgrain, has effectively seceded his authority to Sir Galvyn and the his followers have taken to calling him Archduke Galvyn, the Shining Beacon. It's a title unrecognized by any of the other nobles of Talamh.    Large portions of Torthuil once belonged to Old Draoid but were forfeited as concessions after losing the Grain-Land War. Sithiche, the successor to Old Draoid, has been meek and subservient in all of its dealings with Talamh, but now that Talamh has begun to fracture old resentments are beginning to rise. The people of Sithiche clamor for their queen to take back what once belonged to them, and a sudden influx of immigrants from the bordering nation has many concerned about spies probing for weaknesses.


Torthuil is widespread plains and grasslands, spreading for miles beyond what the eye can see. Settlements are built along the major roads but if one was to divert from them they might stumble across an isolated farming community. There are only a handful of sources for mining or construction materials, with Torthuil's primary economy being entirely dependent upon its agriculture.   The city of Isealchlar is more of a large town than an actual city. The lack of stone and timber means that most dwellings are built out of mud, peat and sod. Sir Galvyn has called in favors from several allies to import resources needed to build strategic defenses. Under his direction, the people of Isealchlar have begun to dig defensive trenches surrounding the city as well as raising walls with the imported stone and timber. Construction on a castle fortress has begun as well, though with the limited resources of the duchy, it is not comparable to the castles and fortresses of other lands.   Previously, Isealchlar was on the border between Talamh and old Draoid, but after the war and Draoid's collapse and subsequent reformation, Isealchlar now sits at the heart of Talamh's largest duchy.

Natural Resources

Torthuil was previously the breadbasket of the High Kingdom. It lacks significant sources for construction and industry, but its numerous farmlands and fields provide bountiful harvests. The star fall did cause some setbacks as harvests were momentarily disrupted. But while mines and buildings needed to be rebuilt, the fields were replanted and recovered much quicker. Under Sir Galvyn's leadership, the people of Torthuil are stockpiling their food stores in preparation for war with the other duchies. Creating a stockpile has had a secondary side effect of driving up prices for grain in the other territories, allowing Torthuil to a greater control in bargaining for those resources it lacks and needs for war.

Owning Organization
The High Kingdom of Talamh

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