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Laochra is the heart of Talamh's industry. It is a smaller state of hills and mountains, rich in precious gems and metals. In the early days of Talamh's history it was responsible for churning out weapons, armor and engines of war, propelling Talamh along its path to power. The people of Laochra are quite similar to the land they call home, hard and rough, but diligent and loyal. They are quite proud of Talamh and the part their state has played in its history, and now that General Lyonesse has put Crown Prince Owyn under her protection, they consider themselves to be the true successors to the throne.   Laochra has suffered in recent years. While the rugged terrain and its people's hardiness meant that they endured the Starfall and quickly recovered, the conflict between the Nobles' Coalition and the Viceroy saw war come to the state as the Viceroy tried to seize the Laochran armories for himself and assassinate General Lyonesse. The General survived the assassination attempt and rallied the people of Laochra to her cause then, and now she rallies them a second time from the city stronghold of Dun Saighdiur as she prepares to battle for the royal throne.   Laochra shares borders with Canghellor and the Iimbraturi Dwarves. King Airic ordered the occupation of Canghellor after its citizens attacked Talamhic miners. Now, as Talamh has grown weaker, the citizens of Canghellor have grown bolder in their resistance. Many of the residents of Laochra have concerns that if Canghellor moves to open rebellion, the fighting will spill into their homes. The situation is further exacerbated by the Iimbraturi, whose greed is legendary and are looking to exploit the surging chaos to their own ends.


Laochra is a smaller territory of rugged hills and mountains. Traveling between communities takes time as the roads frequently wind their ways around and through the steep inclines rather than passing directly over them. Moving north, the terrain gets more arduous as the mountains rise steeply into the Giants' Steppes range, the territory of the occupied nation of Canghellor.

Natural Resources

Laochra is rich in metal deposits and mines. It was the heart of Talamh's industry, churning out weapons and armor for Talamh's knights and soldiers. Now, with the seven duchy's on the brink of war, it has fallen completely under the control of General Lyonesse who has devoted that industry to equipping her armies with the best of the best.

Owning Organization
The High Kingdom of Talamh

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