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The Darkhollow Mirror

The Darkhollow Mirror is a huge, full length, enspelled mirror that was set just inside of the twisting entrance of Darkhollow Keep. By design, all who entered the confines of the stronghold had to pass by the mirror and gaze into their reflections. The magic of the mirror revealed the true natures of all beings whether they were disguised, cursed, or transformed in some way. All enemies where quickly dealt with as the murder holes, hidden traps, and arrow slits in the walls gave full advantage to the inhabitants.   After the mirror was taken from Darkhollow by political operatives, the stronghold slowly withered and was eventually overrun. The mirrors escort was attacked enroute to the capital and vanished from sight for many centuries. It was eventually discovered and lost several times before finally making its way to the Sonians in the free city of Memoria.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It has been suggested that very powerful divination and abjuration magic has been enspelled into the very fabric of the mirror and its reflective imagery. This would account for the significant use of the magic enhancing Arcane Silver, cold iron, and the silver oak, as well as the arcane etchings and filigree scrawled around the borders of the mirror. It is believed that the silver, iron, oak, and magical wards weaken and protect against lycanthropes, vampires, demons, and magical entities that approach the mirror and reveal their true forms in the refection.

Manufacturing process

Unfortunately the design and process used to create this mirror has been lost to the ravages of time. So far no records have been found concerning its formation or creator. Only a few surviving texts about Darkhollow Keep mentions the mirror and its usage within the strongholds walls. The White Wands are known to be currently researching various ways to create similar mirrors.


Surviving accounts of Darkhollow Keep mention several instances and subsequent battles where many evil intruders true natures where revealed before they could gain entrance to the stronghold. The design and layout of the battlements and fiercely trained soldiers quickly defeated all such foes. Eventually political strife did what their enemies could not and finally brought about the end of the ancient stronghold.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Owning Organization
This is a very rare one of a kind unique artifact.
This full length mirror stands 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
This unique mirror is made out of specially enchanted Arcane Silver fused to a cold iron backing and has a sturdy frame of Silver Oak.

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