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Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge

Prompt 1: Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys.


Article #1 Skysoarers of the Taxlatl

  This was an interesting sky ship that got me thinking about how a legend may have developed from seeing it flying overhead. I may need to add mistaken legends based off of ships or monuments in the future.  

Article #2 Tombwalker

  A cool article. It turned out to be completely different than what I thought that it would be about. It's a unique vehicle that I would never have thought of. It has given me a few ideas about one person vehicles that I might need to create in the future.  

Article #3 Ashrunner

  I really liked the concept of a ship specifically built for a certain type of waterway and having other ships based off of this was clever too. The layout was crisp and informative and that is something that I think that I need to work on as well.    

Prompt 2: A condition considered monstrous or "unlucky" by some.


Article #1 Mage Burnout

  This was an interesting article that showed a severe consequence for using too much magic. I really like how there was a cost associated with it. Costs are something that I need to incorporate more into my articles.  

Article #2 Star-Eyes, the Eldritch Curse

  I found that the condition was very interesting in that it had multiple stages each with different effects on the infected. One side effect could actually be beneficial and I think that I could add some of these strategies into my conditions in the future.  

Article #3 Born under the Feral Star

  A very interesting article that uses a superstition to explain a condition. I don't have anything like this in my conditions and I think that a few of these could add more mystery to my world.    

Prompt 3: A settlement that leads the known world in something.


Article #1 City of Spire

  A neat little article full of color and details. The layout was simple yet cool with different shields and figures. I really liked how the history of the city and the kingdom were all interconnected. I have a lot of independent cities, I think if I could make some cities connect to a larger nation or kingdom it would add more to my world.  

Article #2 Spellbinderarium

  This was a compact article full of history and details of the major powers. I struggle with writing history so this was a good inspiration to help me along that path.  

Article #3 Ironhammer Halls

  After focusing on dwarves myself this past year, I found this cool article on a dwarven settlement. I like how the author broke from the stereotype of iron and steel working and military forging to instead have their dwarves use copper and bronze and create fine detailed, intricate clocks. As I move forward with my articles I will have to keep all of this in mind.    

The Future:

What does the future hold, well I definitely need to finish up many of the articles I wrote for Summer Camp. Which is a lot easier said, than done. A lot of stuff going on in the fall. Beyond that I still feel that I need to add more geographic regions and settlements, both in type and in number. The Summer Camp prompts all tied nicely together and allowed me to create a much more detailed setting than usual. I should go back to previous settings and follow the same prompts in order to elevate them. This past year I focused on dwarves and trying to make each challenge about them. I would like to continue that through to New Years if I am able and then use next year to focus on elves as much as I can. Time will tell.

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26 Aug, 2022 23:21

Thank you very much for including me in your reading! I find interconnecting stuff to be the most rewarding part of worldbuilding, certainly give it a try!