Ingrelder A Hitorin

Ingrelder was born into a family of historians that had long since lost fame and acclaim a generation or two ago. She continued the family business into her late forties, to where she almost gave up. Once spirited and optimistic of her station, she soon became bitter and mean, forging documents to fluff up her small findings to afford a little bit of respect in the community.   She finally hit her call to fame when she stumbled upon a dig site that become the infamous grom-yair brev-te, a Wilder dig site in Ardus. While location alone was unusual, the scale of artworks found untouched for hundreds of years was an incredible find.   Ingrelder quickly took control of the group of new archeologists and quiet historian there, ordering everyone to her whim. While there were over fifty different wilder arts that could have showcased, she instead focused on the prominent Lumoe Derv Pottery instead.   She had the other artworks carefully cleaned and sent them out to be "reviewed" by her colleagues, which simply went to be sold with her name under the discovery and profits going straight to Ingrelder herself. grom-yair brev-te was also documented under her name, and she intended to become quite famous over it, and her lifelong aspiration of justifying her namesake was fulfilled.   After her death, she figured she would be known as a wonderful woman bringing artworks to associate with the barbaric Wilder culture, and be praised for being a visionary. She treated people so badly however, the people that worked with her were not shy in slandering her name. After a decade, she was known as that woman who stole the credit for discoveries, which then prompted the Godsears to investigate her previous fraudulent historical submission. Even her own children, who are never fully named, spoke only bad of their mother.   Ingredler became infamous for being a thief of discovery, and a mean one at that.
Dark black
Stark white roots, while the other half of her hair remains dark brown.