grom-yair brev-te

A landmark full of old Lumoe Derv Pottery, translating roughly to underground art.   Believed to be a site of old Wilder towns, it was left untouched underground for years, the area avoided as Humans tend to keep away from wilder locations, abandoned or not.   Hired mercenaries and a traveling group or workers were commissioned to clear the space for a small trade route, and after finding large shards of intricate pots and sculptures, they started to set up a dig site to search more thoroughly.   Largely credited to being discovered by Ingrelder A Hitorin, it was once full of different styles of wilder artwork and culture, but Ingrelder decided to remove certain pieces, having them sold to other locations and becoming quite infamous for it. Carvings done of stone, whether small statues or archways carved in writing, heavy enough to stump researchers on how it was moved from its original location at the entrance of the ruined town above. Weavings of furs and leathers, jewelry and hangings made of monster bones and teeth, so much art was deemed unnecessary for viewing by one woman.   Modern historians are trying to gather the sold artworks back to from-yair brev-te, to have a full exhibit of the most true form of its past displays. They've joined with local guild merchants to try to scope out and purchase them back to display at their rightful place.
"There were plenty of shards we found before actually entered in the building, the entrance still intact. Sand rushed in but we quickly swept it out, and there before us were shelves filled with Lumoe pottery."