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Folkloric Creatures

Folkloric Creatures, (proper name pending) are a very diverse race living all around Dobrava.   There are many varieties of folkloric creature, with the main variety being animal people. Giants, dwarves, gnomes, ogres, and other types also exist.   The nature of this race is magical. Many have some sort of power, but all are a product of belief. Due to the simple fact that these physical forms were not a product of natural evolution, magic must be involved.   The origin of the race is much too far back in history to be known. There were folkloric creatures of different types living in this area back when the land was inhabited by cultures predating the Celtic culture. They do evolve over time though. What folkloric creatures exist and what they are able to do is influenced by what people and creatures believe they are able to do. Because new creatures cannot pop in or out of existence because of beliefs, the process is slow, and mainly works by subtly changing what exists over generations.   When it comes to reproduction, folkloric traits work either like different species or like different genetic traits in humans. A bear person and human could reproduce and produce a bear person, or a normal human, though bear person is more likely. It is a dominant trait (meaning two humans can never produce a bear person, but two bear people could possibly produce a human). A human and dwarf, however, would not be able to reproduce.

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