Red Ancient Demons

Red Ancient Demons are the forefathers for the race now know as the demon race. The red ancient demons were ruthless but calculated they would make lesser beings follow their command.

Basic Information


The red ancient demons have lots of different from based around where there strengths lay.   The muscles based ancient demons have big builds and weighing up to around 10 ton and reaching a height of up to 15 meters. though there wings have become so small that they can't use them for flight. along with their strong muscles and small wings they also have a powerful skeleton structure.   The intelligence based ancient demons have slim body frames with wings big enough to cover their whole body. the weight of them would average around 250kg with a average height of 8 meters.   The speed based ancient demons have smaller bodies and longer legs being able to move much faster than most creatures. their wings shape is purely made for speed. the average weight of 85kg and a height of 1.15 meter.   The shapeshifting ancient demons their bodies are more of a liquid mass instead changing at their will for what suits them the most
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants


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