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mortals gets born, the live and when die. this is nature.
  Mortal Vestige The Mortal vestige is the first trace of a central point where the “qi” or “life energy” can be found. This is not in a material location but a metaphysical concept.
  A mortal vestige differs from a spiritual vestige in that it gathers its own “Will”, “Thoughts”, “Emotion” to create a dual natured physical and spiritual mind.
  A mortal vestige that has achieved sufficient amounts of energy will evolve into a mortal soul.
  While a mortal has a mortal vestige it stops them from manifesting a spiritual vestige once it evolves into a soul it becomes possible for a mortal to have a spiritual vestige.
  Mortal Soul
  A mortal soul is the classic version of a soul and the one individuals would normally refer to when they just say soul.
  When a mortal dies, its soul and body become separated, and the soul automatically begins a journey to the afterlife.
  The time for a soul to reach the afterlife and how long it will stay close to its body depend on what plane the mortal died in.
  Imperial researchers however have reported that the standard time a soul stays on Nym to be around 3 days this however can change with many factors.

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