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Divine The difference between the divine and the spiritual, mortal or even nascent creatures is hard to be sure about.
  What is believed is that one doesn't need to be anything before to ascend to deity. A spiritual soul can ascend as much as a mortal or nascent.
  As such the concept to become a nascent creature to be close to divinity is wrong. A Divine vestige can be achieved by acquiring a divine spark while a divine soul grows from that spark as a fire.
  To feed this spark to grow it to a nice fire one needs faith and devotion and if one is granted a divine spark without the necessary preparation it is very likely one will ascend to divinity as an unmoving and unthinking deity.
  Divine Vestige There exist only a few entities that are born in the creation with a “Divine Vestige”. One is the Estelar, the most common type of deity as they were birthed from the astral sea as a cosmic place where all psychic will in creation manifest.
  The other was the primordials that were created from positive and negative energy in a state of entropy.
  Exharcs only have “Divine Vestige” while a Demigods has a “Divine Vestige” but with a "Divine Spark" that allow them to do stuff that gods can do.
  Divine Soul Once a creature gains a divine soul they will be a deity and with that becoming a part of creation permanently and their destruction or death impossible. This however doesn't stop you from defeat.
  A deity that gets killed will just be reborn similar as a nascent soul but only if you have the energy to revive. Your body will be placed in the astral sea for all eternity and if you don't have the energy to revive.
  The energy you need is faith and souls.

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