Disverse An uplifting story about superheroes!

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After a series of mass dis- and reappearances in the 70s, people began manifesting superpowers. These "supers ", unable to reproduce with normal humans and thus considered their own new species, have risen in numbers since. Both crime and law enforcement has come to be dominated by them. While conflicts all around the world have escalated as a result of their presence, much of Europe, East Asia and the Americas has settled into a fragile balance of power.   In they year 2018, the Oregon port city of Cape St. Joan became the victim of one of the biggest terrorist attacks in the history of the United States .   It has been five years since "D-Day". And things are about to change...   The Disverse is an Alternate History Superhero setting created for a Pen & Paper RPG campaign. It is inspired by, amongst other things: Watchmen, The Incredibles, Anathema, The Dark Knight, Freedom Force, Worm, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Wild Cards and others.   Viewer discretion is advised.



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An uplifting story about superhumans...