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The Ranking System

In Apuratul, a ranking system was created that determined a person's living situation, what they were allowed to do, and how they died. It was implemented on January 24th, 2041 and ended on November 16th, 2143. During that time, Apuratul went into "lockdown" and did not let anyone in or out of the country. Anyone that tried to overthrow the system was immediately terminated.    The system invades people's privacy, scoring using a point system by 100. The higher rank you have, the better life you get. It is based on the things you say, buy, wear, do, etc. There are also some ranks that stick with you for the rest of your life. The main character that lives through this situation is named Rosaline Rockwell, a woman who's grown tired of life after twenty years of living. She gets stuck with a permanent rank: Second Chance.   The rank "Second Chance" allows the person to be reincarnated, but with a catch. Their consciousness is transferred into a fetus' mind, taking over. The "reincarnated" person keeps their memories. It is a case of when someone asks you "What would you do if you were reborn with all your memories?", but with a more "tragic" turn on it.    Rosaline tries to escape to Farrell, but she ends up dying. There's another system at the border that immediately kills any unauthorized person upon impact. She ends up meeting The Ferryman disguised as her younger brother who then brings her back to life. Depending on what rank you got is what the afterlife looks like. The "Second Chance" rank provides a Japanese type waiting area with a sakura tree surrounded by a river of Koi fish and a red hashi bridge (that's what a Japanese styled bridge is named). She's reincarnated as a baby girl named Charlotte in the year 2145.   The Ranking System was soon outlawed once someone new came into power over Apuratul.

Social Impact

It divides family and friends over a slight shift in rank.

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