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Disc Casters

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This is based on the Yu-Gi-Oh animes with more time travel and interdimensional travel. The idea for this story just started when I was a kid playing with the plots and threads of the show and trying to figure out how to put at the different shows together in one unified story. My sister, who has been helping me with this project, and I have decided to use an immortal villain and a time-traveling heroine to tie help tie the story together into one thread.   Magic and traveling to different worlds and times will be important for the story and a slightly different way than other time traveling story as 4 out 5 of the eras will focus on other characters and not the main character Vivian all that much as the story moves forward to her time and then loops to the other era. Hopefully, this will cause some mystery and interest when she is from.   Since the story has a base there will a trading card game in the story called Disc Casters where some but not all conflicts will be taking place. The game will have different flavors for each era but will always follow the same rules. Hopefully, this game element won't weigh too much on the story and that some things can be resolved through more traditional conflict.   My plans for this story are a bit ambitious since I want to present it as a visual novel style game which is slightly beyond what World Anvil has to offer. Luckily there are things that I can use here to keep most of the ideas together.   We will be starting in the Morden Era and will work forward in the story building to answers of a forgotten past and a mysterious future with of course several possible worlds ending events in between just to make things more interesting.