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The grand continent of Diremont is one of the many continents on Sanctium, The Home World. Home to the mighty Antigorine Empire, the Thordigardian Dynasty and the Estaran Union. As well as the Merchant Republic known as the Collective and the allied Frigwaldian Clansmen. Many other smaller factions inhabit the isolated continent such as the tribal people of Hagmarsh and the rumoured celestial alcoves that inhabit the Estaran desert. After many long years of peace in Diremont the continent has, once again, fallen into dark times as a result of the recent Antigorine advance on the Frigwaldian lands which has resulted in the many clans banding together to hold back the Antigorine invaders. In their desperation the clansmen have sought help from the mysterious Thordigardian dynasty. Unable to win a war against both nations, particularly the Thordigardian Hordes, the Antigorines have held off on a full invasion. However, scouts have reported a rising mercenary company in the Estaran lands that would be the key to an Antigorine victory, however the rocky and violent history between the two nations stands in the way of an alliance. However, the vaults of Antigore run deep and gold reigns supreme in war torn lands. As tensions escalate throughout Diremont the small but respected merchant republic, the Collective, acts as a cooling point between each nation and they continue to strive peace on the continent before it reaches the boiling, but as of late, internal affairs have drawn their attention homeward and their continental peacekeeping efforts begin to crumble. In these moments of uncertainty only time will tell what will happen to the people of Diremont. These times also prove to be breeding ground of aspiring adventurers who are determined to leave their mark on the world, whether they will arise as the heroes of the realm or emerge as the villains who welcome the downfall of civility.