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The Farms of Midvail

“I swear to Aartrops, some of them are the stupidest folks in Dioya, but without them every King, Queen, Scholar, and Cleric would starve. For this, they are greater than any BiDivine or any ruler.” -Siraq the Scathing     The farms of Midvail, called The Family Farms, The Fall Farms (based on the autumnal coloration of many of the fields during harvest) The Middle Realm Farms, and the Hairless Farms (A name generally uttered by the Beastial races of The Clansplains) are the large stretches of owned land that supply food to most of Midvail. As of the Era of Change, approximately 33% of the land of Midvail was used as farmland owned by just over 20 different farming families and companies.   The history of the farms of Midvail are varied, inconsistent, and full of absurd narratives treated as truth. Some farms, like the Tantivire Skith Family farm are wealthy and abundant, with a rich history that spans across the Eras of Dioya. Others, like the Grimm Family Farm of north-east Gaia are small with only a hand full of employees and a small amount of crops.   Most of the Farms of Midvail are surround the larger cities they directly supply, such as the Family Farms of Hearthfield and the farms of the kingdom of Chilved, Tantivire, Brevia, Tolthe, and Glenarm. Though they are within proximity of full villages, towns, and cities, the Farms of Midvail are fairly remote, with owners and workers generally keeping to themselves and most workers living on location. Larger farms such as the Summerheart farms of Hearthfield employ workers from the area of the city of Thicket. The Farms of Midvail are hardly influenced by the cultures of the cities they provide to, but the influence they have on the cities are clear and noticeable. The Farms of Midvail dictate the diets of the cities and thus, have a tremendous amount of power and prominence despite their distance.         At the start of the Era of Change, a scholar from the Hearthfield school of Business named Siraq the Scathing toured Midvail with the intent to document the populations, exports, and all around general information of every farm in Midvail. This task took him 6 years to complete and Siraq published “The Investor’s Guide to the Farms and other Downtrotten respites of Midvail.” The document is comprehensive and the only one of its kind in existence, as of The Great Disturbance, but it’s hardly unbiased, with each of the entries including digs at the owners. The Investor’s Guide was a great success for Siraq, but ultimately resulted in his death at the hands of a member of the Grigham family who did not take kindly to the insinuation that “Their Goliath berry pickers crush half of their produce with their unwashed hands.”     Some of the illustrated farms are as follows: The largest of the Midvail farms grow:     GIA FARMS:     Grimm Family: A small farm located just north of Glenarm on the Gaia and Merydia boarder. Owned by a Half-Tiefling and his grandson.   Summerheart: A Halfling farm of Thicket with a massive employee list and one of the few worldwide exporters of goods.   Fallhead: A Halfling Human farm in Thicket.   Springtoe: A Halfling Elf farm in Thicket.   Grigham Family: A Firbolg Goliath farm south of Tantivire   Skith Family: A Firbolg Human farm farther south of Tantivire. The Skith Family is the only family in Midvail to   Weavewood: A Gnome Human farm near Glenarm   Krovlatt Family: A Dwarven Orc farm just north of Ozyrn   Vhihkar Family: With farms and orchards stretching from the base of the northern point of Mt. Korrvigsguard, the Vhihkar family is a Dwarven owned   Oriantis Family: Sole supplier of all of the ingredients to make mead, the Oriantis family is the most wealthy and possibly the most integrated farm in Dioya.   Grichl: A Beachside farm owned by Earth Genasi and Dwarves.               MERYDIA   Thyrian: A Wood and High Elf elf farm just south of Pearlmyre. The Thyrian farm is owned by Druids.   Osth: The largest farm in Merydia, owned by Wood Elves and located all around the city of Tolthe.   Sharath Family: A High Elf farm that exclusively owns all of the Lychee trees in Dioya.   Tyonelle: A Gnome farm west of Morcaelen


Most of The farms of Midvail are owned and worked on by the races of Humans, Halflings, Dwarves, and Elves.


The largest of the Midvail farms grow:     GIA FARMS:     Grimm Family: Corn (with the occasional gourd)   Summerheart: Melons, Corn, Tomatos and Apples   Fallhead: Apples, Pears, and ciders.   Springtoe: Gourds, Tomatos, and Wheat   Grigham Family: Root vegtables and Berries   Skith Family: Tomatos, Grapes, and Capers   Weavewood: Potatos, Berries, and Wheat.   Krovlatt Family: Necterines, Peaches, Apples and Root vegtables   Vhihkar Family: Apples, Pears, and gourds.   Grichl: Ginger, Mango, Banana, Honey   Oriantis Family: Barley, Hops, Wheat, Honey     MERYDIA   Thyrian: TeaMoss, Rice, Honey, and Bleedbark   Osth: Wormwheat, Corkwood Apples, Rice, Plums, Elvan Maple   Sharath Family: Lychee   Tyonelle: Handfruit, Rice, Berries, and Sourskin Ginger
Alternative Name(s)
The Family Farms, The Fall Farms The Middle Realm Farms, the Hairless Farms
National Territory

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