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General Summary

MEDICAL TENT - Arrows of Zephyr Camp

  When you come to, the first thing you sense is a pounding pain in your head, you instinctively bring your hand up to you head but feel no welt from the impact. Your eyes flutter open and you notice you are in a leather tent     Beside you laying in a cot is Kelnan, sitting on the ground, tied and gagged is Harold. Above Kelnan's unconscious body you see an old Dwarven woman in patchwork clothing. she has torn Kelnan's cloth open to reveal multiple wounds that the Elf sustained in battle with the Girallon. The Dwarf pulls a porcupine needle from a cloth, kneels down and picks a blade of grass from the dirt and magically stretches the blade, tying it around the needle and sewing Kelnan's wound magically shut. You notice Vana is nowhere to be seen.     "Ah so you're awake, no sudden movements or I'll have to restrain ya."     "I'm Bonwin Tysres, Guiding hand of the Arrows of Zephyr."     HISTORY: You've heard of the Arrows of Zephyr, a bandit group in Nirvania, not too big in size. While they have committed their fair share of heinous crimes, they are not known to be particularly brutal.     "Clever name, for someone with two Rabbit's feet you sure did get unlucky crossing Igrum."     "The girl is in my tent, she's being kept there by a few guards. She had no idea where she was when she woke up."     "What's wrong with the girl."     Bonwin hears this "Interesting story, be sure to tell it to Zypher, not that he'll believe you. She seems normal as any other girl."     Bonwin finishes fixing up Kelnan.   "I'll wake him when your trial starts."   She turns to you,   "If you don't mind me asking, what are you?"   "Your ears, son, not exactly normal. We got Cat folk, we got Lizardfolk, since the Great Disturbance we got dog and elephant folk., But I've never seen a rabbit folk."   "Hm... You're an interesting one. Come, you wanted to see the girl? I'll bring you to her."     Bonwin Tysres     AS YOU LEAVE THE TENT you see that you are in a grouping of tents in a field. Around the tents are small fires with critters on spikes roasting over them and folk in similarly patchwork clothing who look up at you. You see beyond some of the tents is an archery range where members of the Arrows of Zephyr train. It's late afternoon as you are brought by Bonwin to an ornamented leather tent. In front of it is the Gnoll that knocked you out, Ingram and beside the tent is the rickshaw. Ingram growls at you.   "Don't, the kid's not food and you know the rules, Zephyr tries any captured."      

BONWIN'S TENT - Arrows of Zypher Camp

      You are pushed into the leather tent to see a humble spread. Twigs and leaves and springs of herbs hand from tied and dried vines inside as the inside gives off a nice sent. The tent is illuminated by fire flies who hang in the air lazily.   Inside you see Vana Navoz, awake, confused.     "Who are you."     "Is Herald here? Is my love here?"     "I... I hurt people. I hurt people from Vibblen didn't I?"     "Gotara...the pact I made with her. She never appeared I just, I longed to be with Herold so much, night and day. I would pray to the Bidivine to unite him with me and when I slept I dreamt of a voice. a Radiant light appeared and offered to link our destinies together. It felt so real, of course I told the voice I would do anything. So it had me sign on my own skin with a needle. After I signed, I looked up and saw the light, it wasnt a light anymore, It was a horrible twisted face. When I woke up I was in a cave, covered in blood and freezing cold."     Fritz assures Vana that he will make sure that she never hurts anyone ever again.         Vana smiles "Thank you..."     From outside, you hear a horn blown.   Bonwin nudges you "Come on, it's time"          


    The afternoon sun hangs in the sky as you are brought to a small platform in the middle of the camp, a group of around 25-30 folk gathers round, all of them in similar attire. Bonwin stands beside you and still tied up are Kelnan, Vana, and the gagged Herold.   Bonwin notices something and stomps her foot on the ground. "Quiet UP here they come"     Suddenly, you see a dust cloud from the distance, then, a figure weaves through the crowd, jumps over them, and lands stylishly beside Bonwin. Someone heavily armored for being so fast, but all the same with long, thin blue ears, pale white hair that looks perpetually lifted in the air and they have baby blue skin, signs of an elf blessed with the gift of wind, a race of their own called Genasi. This one is a Genasi of Air. Pinned to the right side of their chest plate is a silver arrow pin and slung across their back is a sack.     The genasi looks at you all first, then throws the bag into the crowd, the group tears it up, revealing it to have bread and fruits inside "Local pantry gives their regards, all. Now then, who are these folks."   Bonwin speaks "Igrum and his hunting party captured them, Zephyr. This is Fritz Lago, the Rabbit Knight and his companions, the girl has been identified as a Vibblenite, the elf is a Child of Galaxa, and the Bard is Herold the Harald"     Zephyr scratches their chin "Herold the Harald, you're the bard that sings those sappy songs aren't ya?"   Harold tries to interject but to no avail.   Zephyr looks at you all "I could fetch a handsome ransom price for him, and her... no use for the Child of Galaxa, what about you rabbit. What's your story?"       QUESTIONS:     "Who are you?"     Fritz introduces himself as The Rabbit Knight.     "What were you doing traveling the roads?"       IF BROKEN CROWN:   You're from the Broken Crown?   The group laughs and Bonwin speaks up "He's telling the truth, look at his armor, that look like human armor to you?"   Zypher looks up and down   "Looks old, and ill fitting"   Fritz mentions that he grew up in The Broken Crown.   "So, you're from the same stock as us?"   "Why are you traveling with a flowery Bard, an even more delicate Child of Galaxa, and an unconscious girl, hm? All easy to rob but Igrum told me you seemed pretty friendly.   The Gnoll growls from the crowd.   "Not exactly Bandit type behavior"   Fritz mentions that he's friends with Kelnan and Vana but not Herold who tries to speak up with no avail. "VERY WELL! The Rabbit Knight says he comes from bandits! Alright, I've made my choice for your punishment. We'll let you go, we'll let your Child of Galaxa go as well. But if you want the Bard and the Vibblin girl, you're gonna have to pay their weight."     "Lucky for you, there's a Smiling Caravan carriage on its way to Gendamyr, I fear it may arrive quite..light in cash."   The Arrows laugh in the crowd   "What do you say Rabbit Knight, prove yourself and we'll let your friends go."   Fritz agrees after meeting eyes with Kelnan and Kelnan gives him a nod as if to say "Whatever must be done"   Zephyr looks over at a female Half-Elf with short brown hair " Cothana, give the Rabbit Knight his stuff and we'll be on our way."   Zephyr turns to you and smiles "It'll just be he and I on this run, any problem with that?"     Kelnan, Herold, and Vana all shoot Fritz a look.     Cothana returns with your napsack and gives you back all your belongings as the Arrows of Zephyr disperse back to whatever they were doing.   Igrum forces your friends back into the Medical tent as Zephyr and Bonwin make their way to you.     Bonwin huffs "Don't come back in pieces, took me half my body's energy to heal up the Elf after what the Grillion did to him."   Zephyr waves their hand at her and puts their hands on their hips, "So, ready to go?"        


  You leave the encampment, lead by Zephyr into a thick woods with a light footpath.   As you leave, Zephyr turns around and cups their hands over their mouth "If the Rabbit Knight comes back without me, slit his friends throats."   Zephyr turns back and chuckles "Just wanna make sure you uphold your end of the bargain."     You walk for about 15 minutes in silence as the path gets thicker. You're flanked on all sides by trees and the air smells fresh.     QUESTIONS:   "So, Rabbit Knight huh? Curious title, not the Rabbit part, the Knight part. Not exactly Knightly to work with the Broken Crown."   Fritz mentions he is not actually a knight but it helps him, Zephyr understands and admires the gall.   "I respect the Broken Crown, I do. Whole country of folks like us living freely without a king or the League of Every Organized Nation breathing down their necks. Tribal rule's just not my style though."     "Why did you leave?"     Fritz mentions that it was time for him to find his own path, achieve greatness on his own.   "And you decided to help out a bard and a Cleric, no disrespect but I expected more from a kid from the Broken Crown."     INSIGHT: You detect some true seriousness in Zephyr's voice     Fritz picks up on the sadness and asks why Zephyr does what they do.   "Life like this, on the outskirts, it's fine and all, but it won't last. I care about my gang, good people all of them. Sure some have murdered, lied, and cheated, but the world is too dangerous and life is too short for us to be locked up or bogged down by those who think themselves better than us cause they're richer. I just wish I could do more for 'em. Bandit crews don't last long and the life of a Bandit rarely ends with retirement."       WHERE: "I grew up in the outskirts of Brevia actually. In a small house just outside the walls. My mom and dad were guards for the Ministry of Finances there. When the Great Disturbance was happening and the League called for soldiers from Brevia, my mom and dad heeded the call. The day they left was the last time I ever saw them. Brevia did nothing to help me. No money, no food. I was 9 years old and alone. Until Bonwin found me. She took me in and raised me, she even trained me how to form a better relationship with the wind. She always supported me, even when I told her I was going to become a bandit."        


  You exit the forest path and your sight is flooded with rich orange light as you are brought to a field filled with craggy rocks that overlooks a small cliffed canyon. Jutting rocks pattern the landscape.   "Almost there. Main path is coming up."   Zephyr pauses for a moment and smiles   "So, Rabbits are quite fast."   "Think you're faster than me?"     "Fancy a race? Other end of the Canyon.   Zephyr stretches a little bit and takes position.   "Ready, Set, GO!"   Zephyr sprints ahead, their armor clanking loudly as they run quite quickly.   ATHLETICS   You sprint fast as your rabbit feet send you soaring through the sunset brush, quickly catching up with Zephyr who turns to you in dismay. The genasi extends their hand out and swipes back.           FRITZ LOSES because he trips and falls, Zephyr respects Fritz' speed and resistance even though he was ready to cheat to win.      


    As you continue to walk, Zephyr speaks:   "The Mark is a trading company that deals in the delivery of small-scale payments, they call themselves the Smiling Caravan."     You approach a forested area with a thick canopy above, a rather sharp turn for any carriage to make.     "Now all we do is wait, what's the plan? Stop the Carraige, hop aboard it, Slaughter all the guards? You're the ex-Broken Crown, I'll let you choose.     Stealth       After about an hour of waiting, you hear the sound of wheels and hooves. Zephyr shoots you a look.   A clean painted wooden Carriage painted Blue with an Orange Smile on each side pulled by 4 houses approaches the turn.       4 GUARDS - 2 Humans, an Elf, and an Orc all in blue and orange striped iron armor with smiling faces indented in the chest pieces.   1 Mercantile in Nobles' Clothing, a Dragonkin, Bhajurn Shamraad         Fritz tells Zephyr to hide in the bushes while Fritz paints on himself to make it look like he has been mortally wounded.   Fritz lays on the side of the road and manages to flag down the carriage, warning them of bandits ahead. Bhajurn tells the two head guards to run ahead and they do. Fritz moans more, prompting the remaining 3 to leave the carriage, one of the guards offers to look at his wounds, but Fritz tells them that a curse was put on him by the bandits and that if they don't be careful, they'll be cursed too. Fritz takes his painter's set and paints a circle and fake vancien symbols that he tells them will protect them if they step in. the guards do, but the Dragonkin doesn't buy it. Zephyr sneaks into the carriage, but then motions to Fritz that he can't find the gold. Fritz convinces the dragonkin to step into the circle, and he does so, begrudgingly before realizing that Fritz was lying to him and blows flames at The Rabbit Knight. Fritz narrowly dodges out of the way of the flames and clutches a Heleg Stone, crushing it and spellthrowing a ray of frost all over the three of the targets. The guards are frozen solid, but the Dragonkin managed to resist being frozen.       END:   Zephyr pulls back their bow and lines an arrow up to the Dragonkin "The wind is at my back Dragonborn, I let loose this arrow and it hits the ground, leaving a hole in your skull, I promise you that.   ADV if he wants to threaten.       200 GOLD - 50 for them or 100 if beat race.       "Come on rabbit Knight, you fulfilled your duty, let's get you on your way."     Fritz sprints away, leaving them.    


    The sun has fully set as you walk back with Zephyr through the woods you came from. Zephyr has been silent for a while but they break their silence.   "You know, you're interesting, I'll give you that."     Suddenly, you see smoke rising from the distance and the sound of screaming.     "Come on!"       You exit the woods to see the camp's tents are completely ablaze as you hear a familiar, blud curling scream and from it, lit by the fires you the Slinger rise up, ripping the head off of a member of the Arrows of Zypher.     PERCEPTION     Entering the frey in the chaos, you see Harold near the Medical tent, and Kelnan healing a wounded member of the Arrows who got slashed up.     INITIATION:         ZEPHYR'S TURN   Before the Slinger can land a third attack on you, a massive gust of wind blasts down from above and slams the Slinger down, interrupting its attack as you see Zephyr with their hand out look over to you.   "Rabbit Knight, save my team I beg of you."     AFTER ROUND 1     The Slinger tackles a bandit, slashing them up before screeching horribly, many bandits around it fall to the ground and one falls into a burning tent which cascades into Cothana, knocking her over.     Fritz uses rabbit speed to dodge incoming attacks of opportunity to Fritz as he sprints over to help Cothana, pulling the tent off of her with his hands still covered in ice from the spellthrow.     UNTIE HAROLD   Kelnan meets up with you and blasts a radiant flame at the Slinger.   Harold: "Come! Let's flee!"     IF TOO EARLY Harold starts to sing and the slinger glows faintly before the glow fades   "She's too strong, you must ware her down!"   WHEN YOU THINK THE SLINGER IS WEAK ENOUGH YOU CAN PROMPT HEROLD     IGRAM FIGHTS THE SLINGER AND IS NEARLY KILLED     THE SLINGER POUNCES ON COTHANA AND CLAWS HER RIGHT EYE OUT.     AFTER FRITZ DEALS A DEVASTATING BLOW TO THE SLINGER:   Harold starts to sing and the Slinger glows again, then you see Bonwin take both hands and slam them into the ground as masses of thin vines wrap around the Slinger, holding it down as the Slinger slowly falls asleep.   When the Slinger has closed its eyes, its form shrinks until you see Vana once again.     All is silent as some bandits continue to put out the fires. Zephyr clutches a wound they sustained as many people stop and look at Vana, Herold rushing to cover her with a bear pelt.   Kelnan turns to you weakly "It's not consciousness, it's the sun."         A few moments later, the fires are put out and many     Zephyr looks at their people and speaks up "The Rabbit Knight and his companions are leaving for Gendamyr to cure this girl of her illness. We will escort them there. Understood?"   Many members grumble, but some nod.   "Get them their rickshaw and the rest of their equipment."   IF HE SAVED COTHANA:   Cothana stands forwards, clutching the right side of her face. "I will take them there. The Rabbit Knight saved my life, I will repay that debt.   Zephyr turns to you and looks at you all   "I apologize on behalf of my arrows and I. You are free to go, Cothana will lead you back to the path and insure you reach Gendamyr."   Bonwan slugs you on the shoulder "Good work kid. I knew you'd wiggle out of our clutches, now don't get killed on the road."       In the early dawn, Vana stared off into the fire of the burning wreckage of The Arrows of Zephyr camp that had been gathered together. Fritz approached Vana and talked with her, apologizing for breaking his promise. Vana confided that she remembered what it felt like, for a moment. That she was surrounded with darkness but had flashes of feeling like she was actually in her own body as the slinger. Vana asks Fritz for another promise, to always put her down if she turns. Fritz obliges.
Report Date
01 Jul 2020

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