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Fritz Lago (The Rabbit Knight)

Fritz Lago, also known as The Rabbit Knight is a traveling Animal Hybrid Human who travels Dioya as a Mercenary. Fritz Lago is nearly entirely a human in physical form with exception of his ears and feet which resemble that of a Rabbit.    


  Fritz Lago was born to unknown parents in an unknown location in Dioya not long after The Great Disturbance. While Fritz' origins are unknown, what is known is that one day while searching the ruins of a trade outpost in The Wild Open Region of The United Lands of Midvail, a group of bandits from of The Broken Crown Alliance stumbled upon the young Animal Hybrid Humanoid nestled deep in the trunk of a tree. The first bandit who spotted Fritz was an Orc named Jukk Ob'barian who took the child in his arms. Fritz apparently did not enjoy this, because the baby tore at Jukk's beard with ferocity. Jukk, both amused, yet slightly pained by the infant, called the child "Mephit" and brought him back to his home in the town of Winham within The Broken Crown Alliance. In his new home, Fritz was raised by Jukk and his recently married compatriots, a Tiefling named Erris and a Dwarf named Gwanra. The name "Mephit" eventually turned into the simpler "Fritz"and Erris gave the child a last name so as to not distance the youth more from other humans.    


  As Fritz grew, his three guardians tried their best to keep up with the young Animal Hybrid. Jukk fawned over the youth while Gwanra and Erris gave him space to grow and learn at his own pace.   At the age of 6, Jukk gave Fritz his first weapon, a rusty dagger. Jukk trained Fritz every day in the basics of daggercraft, impressed with the child's natural ability to not just wild a weapon, but do so with profound dexterity. It didn't take long until Jukk realized that Fritz's ability to use a dagger was not because he was strong, but because he was quick, clever, and had remarkable dexterity. This became painfully clear to all when Jukk gave Fritz his first axe and the child simply was not strong enough to even lift it. Jukk did his best to turn Fritz into a berserker like himself, but realized that maybe the thin rabbit hybrid human would not be the best unchained warrior.   Fritz' training was eventually taken over by Gwanra and Erris. Erris, formerly a highwayman taught Fritz the importance of stealth while Gwanra indirectly taught Fritz' most important lesson, the value of lying. Gwanra was a notorious liar and after many years of seeing Gwanra successfully fool friend and foe alike, Fritz not only unlocked a profound natural ability to dupe others, but a keen sense of when the best time was to bend the truth.     At the age of 10, Fritz decided that he needed to make his own way in life and told his guardians that he was to leave home. The only member of his family to protest was Jukk, but after a stern talking to by Gwanra, the Orc eventually gave his adopted son his blessing. Before he left, Fritz was given some Dwarven armor from the fallen city of Korrvigsguard that Jukk had taken off of a corpse he found not too long after The Great Disturbance. The armor was too heavy for Fritz, but it was perfect. Fritz left Winham and traveled west.    

The Birth of the Rabbit Knight:

  Fritz traveled the roads from The Broken Crown Alliance directly east into The United Lands of Midvail. Though he was slow to travel the roads, Fritz proved to be quite the survivalist, adapting to his new life of travel quite quickly, applying all that he learned from his parental trio directly to his survival.   At this time, Fritz came across the corpse of a humanoid who was trapped in a divot in the ground. The corpse was well armored and they died with their hand posed upwards, clutching a peculiar looking mace. Fritz, wanting to make the most out of the unfortunate fate of the skeleton took the mace as his own.   Two years into his journey, Fritz came across the town of Fierath within the Brevia Territory of The United Lands of Midvail. At the time, Fierath was in a state of crisis, with half of the town burnt to the ground. Fritz inquired about the rubble and was told that for many months, Fierath was raided by a gang of bandits known as The Horned Menace. Marauders from the bandit gang would come every week and slaughter civilians and guards alike. Fritz had no familiarity with The Horned Menace, but he knew that since he was no longer in Broken Crown territory, the bandits were likely from his homeland. Recognizing an opportunity, Fritz offered to rid Fierath of their bandit problem. At first, the citizens of Fierath were confused by the offer, after all, Fritz was only a child. But his confidence and the plating of his armor made the youth seem quite competent, so he was put up in the local in and hired to take care of the bandit threat.   Days passed and Fritz was treated like royalty by the townsfolk. When the fateful night where the marauders of The Horned Menace came, Fritz took to the street and yelled for them to stop their pillaging. The heavyset, powerful bandits were surprised to see a child try to stop them, a few even let him speak. Given the opportunity to talk, Fritz revealed that he was originally from the Broken Crown and that if they don't leave, they'll ruin his good reputation. The marauders initially didn't care, but Fritz sweetened the pot by telling them that he had a better place for them to raid. The marauders took an interest to this information but insisted that if they were to return to their camp, they needed Fritz to join them and inform their leader of this better raiding location. Fritz agreed, walking out of Fierath much to the surprise of the citizens who hired him.   Fritz and the Horned Menace marauders traveled to their basecamp about an hour east of Fierath where the young mercenary came face to face with the gang's leader, a Minotaur named Kiatris Fearlessbane. Kiatris was livid that not only her marauders came back with no loot, but a child in tow. Fritz thought on his feet, promising Kiatris that there was a much better location up north where the Horned Menace could make far more money. Kiatris was interested, but did not fully buy the lie, insisting on details. Fritz wove an epic tapestry of words in front of The Horned Menace: a Golden City known as Charlios housed deep in the northern mountains. When Kiatris pushed and asked where, Fritz simply said, "It's hidden." Kiatris and The Horned Menace were convinced, thanking Fritz and packing their belongings to travel north to the city of gold.   Fritz returned to Fierath and told the townsfolk that The Horned Menace was gone, telling them that he had snuck up on Kiatris and knocked her out with one blow from his mace, scaring the rest of the gang into leaving. Many townsfolk scoffed at this claim, but upon checking the location where the Horned Menace used to be, the citizens of Fierath celebrated Fritz as their hero. Fritz was housed in Fierath for many months, celebrated and rewarded for his cleverness and bravery. Tales of the youth spread throughout the Brevia Territory, with the "Legend of the Rabbit Knight" told at campfires all around. When Fritz eventually left Fierath, his reputation proceeded him.          


  2 years passed after Fritz left Fierath and most of The Rabbit Knight's time was spent in the wilderness of east Brevia territory. Fritz' reclusion in the wild ended when his mace broke at the handle after hitting a boar he was hunting for lunch over the head. Out of necessity, Fritz traveled from the forest to a path that lead to the nearby town of Vibblen.   Upon entering the Vibblen outer area, Fritz met an elderly Aasimar woman who was hired as a mercenary to protect Vibblen from a ferocious beast that had attacked it a few days earlier. Fritz informed the Aasimar that he was something of a hero and walked into town to offer his services to the people of Vibblen.   After walking around Vibblen and sampling the wares of The Stuffed Pig inn, particularly a mushroom slurry made by the goliath owner, Volgu, Fritz made his way to The Grass Blade, the local blacksmithy owned by the Gnome Morti Madii. Fritz asked Morti to repair his mace and the gnome recognized the mace as the work of Brevia's master blacksmith, Myath Varythis. Morti told Fritz he would repair his mace, but he must offer to help Vibblen's herbalist, a Halfling named Elden Navoz in recovering his daughter who was stolen away by the beast that was plaguing Vibblen. Morti even said that if he was successful, he would imbue Fritz' mace with a piece of Primordial Elemental Blood. Fritz accepted the job and was directed to Elden's hut. Fritz learned that one night, Elden's house was cursed by a creature that destroyed his house and stole away his daughter Vana in the night. Elden ranted that the beast was likely the pet of a bard named Herold the Herald who had recently visited the town and started a romantic relationship with Vana. All Elden could offer in terms of further information was that his house was cursed and pointed Fritz in the direction of it, citing that a child of Galaxa was on the premises and was trying to lift the curse.   Fritz made his way to the house where he met a Three-Finger member of the Children of Galaxa, a middle aged Wood Elf named Kelnan Valmoira. Fritz introduced himself as 'The Rabbit Knight' both qualifying himself and impressing Kelnan who informed him that the house was covered entirely in a thin layer of blood. Fritz inspected the blood and noticed that it was not blood at all, but red ink. Following his nose, Fritz discovered the source of the ink, a lute. Looking inside the lute, Fritz discovered a piece of parchment made out of flesh that illustrated a contract written by someone named Gotara Rootwart and Vana Navoz that promised Vana that she would always be within reach of her love. Kelnan deduced the nature of the magic surrounding the house as the remnants of a curse and the parchment to be a pact between Vana and a Hag. Kelnan used his magic to augment the red ink into a tracking beacon that allowed the two to follow red footsteps to the mouth of a frigid cave known as The Shivering Cavein the outskirts of Vibblen.   Upon approaching The Shivering Cave, Kelnan and Frritz were attacked by Ice Mephits. The two quicky dispatched the Ice Mephits, Kelnan blasting them with radiant fire and Fritz using trickery and deception to mislead and sneak attack his targets. When the Ice Mephits were disposed of, the two found themselves face to face with a Yuan-Ti Pureblood who immerged from the Cave. The Yuan-ti introduced herself as Suti, a member of the Al Vedal, a group of Monster hunters who traveled Dioya. Suti informed the two that she was in The Shivering Cave hunting a Mephit Patriarch, but Fritz told her of the existence of a beast that was plaguing Vibblen, allying he and Kelnan to the monster hunter. The three made their way through The Shivering Cave, fighting Mephits within the frigid interior of the cave before reaching a massive Heleg Stone in the center of the cave. There, the Mephit Patriarch revealed itself to the group and before Suti could fire upon it, Fritz attempted to talk with it. Fritz succeeded in talking with the Mephit Patriarch and learned that the creature that attached Vibblen was within the cave and was disturbing the Mephits. Fritz convinced Suti to hold her fire and let the Mephit Patriarch live, continuing into the cave to reach the creature. After fighting a Frost Spider, the trio discovered the creature they had been hunting. The creature that attacked Vibblen was a multi armed, multi-eyed monster known as a Slinger and it had in fact not stolen away Vana, but the bard she was involved with Herold the Herald. The trio sprung into action, Kelnan and Suti attacking The Slinger as Fritz weaved through The Slinger's clutches and ran over to Harold, burning away his frozen restrains enough for him to introduce himself. Amongst self-declarations and theatrics, Harold revealed that The Slinger was actually Vana and that she returned to her normal form when she was unconscious. Fritz turned his attention to The Slinger just as it landed a devastating blow on Suti, knocking her down and wounding Kelnan. Fritz succeeding in sprinting up the appendages of The Slinger and slamming his mace down on the creature's skull, knocking it out. As it fell unconscious, The Slinger's form changed to that of Vana Navoz. Suti approached Vana, bow drawn, ready to kill her. Harold pleaded for Suti to refrain, but Suti told Kelnan and Fritz that if she was cursed, she had to be killed. Kelnan told Suti that if she could be brought to Brevia, he could bring her to more powerful members of The Children of Galaxa to be healed. Harold offered to magically put Vana asleep as they traveled, but Suti said that it was too far and too dangerous. Ultimately, Fritz made the decision to command Harold to cast Sleep on Suti, capitalizing on her weak state. Just before she fell asleep, Suti let loose an arrow on Fritz that barely missed before Kelnan caught her. Upon leaving the Shivering Cave, the Mephit Patriarch thanked Fritz and gave him 5 handheld Helig Stones as thanks.    

The Road to Gendamyr

    Kelnan, Harold

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