Silvermoon Brewer Festival

The bard Dordolio sits down and starts to tell a story about Silvershine mead.   Once every six years, in the sixth month, on the sixth day the three moons create a very rare and spectacular effect. The moons called sisters by name: the blue Technane, red Magnano and green Relnani. The sun sets and when the sun is fully behind the horizon it happens… Three perfect spheres in a blue sky that gets darker by the minute.   The lake becomes a peaceful place; the animals get quiet and it all feels kind of magical. The moonlight begins a dance on the lake. Soft painted rays of light brush against the almost perfect flat water. Reflections on the lake are painted with light and get more intense as the black to blue sky becomes darker.   To the East, fading into the night a remnant sun. Smoldering orange colors fading into darkness. The setting sun, reluctant going down, making way into the belly of the earth, allows the sisters to do their magic dance on the lake.   Dordolio takes a breath and recites a short poem on the sun, it's day and end. People mesmerised by his voice (and small burning sticks of essence, but only he knows) listen and drink, smoking a pipe or stare at something only they can see. Dordolio takes a sip of his mead before he continues.   On the West the red moon competes with her bigger brother Sun in the East, while from the South her blue companion adds her light. Finally the third sun, Relnani peeks into the lake.   The red moon begins a dance on the lake, almost invisible wrinkles in the water and minute movements make the red sparkle in the water… almost invisible streaks of blue and green touch the red reflections, creating a colorful kaleidoscope. The blue moon gets more intensity and the blue rays make the red hue slide to purple. The last to join the dance of light is the green moon. Her rays empower the two dancing partners. Green tones light up the lake with a soft yellowish light blue light. The tinted light becomes brighter, lighting up the area around the lake.   In the center of the lake, colors keep swirling together and become more homogenic, moving to a more white hue, slowly shifting in to silvery white. The light becomes brighter and reflects on the waterfall.   Something magical happens as the waterfall now illuminates a silver shine and the lake only reflects the waterfall.   The people of the nearby town move a wooden contraption into the edge of the falling water to catch the bright shining water and redirect it into barrels.   This year the harvest of pure silver light water will replenish the barrels for the next years to come. And this year it is a very good harvest. The cleric has counted 120 barrels stored in the cool caves nearby the waterfall. He makes sure that each of the barrels is sealed and accounted for. as they go into long-term storage. Two barrels directed directly to the brewery to use in the production of the finest mead in the world.   Early in the morning, the preparations for the festival begin. Everybody is doing their part to make the town ready for the festival. During this period of preparations the town is bustling with energy, laughter and energy. In two days the brewery will have enough wine, mead and liquors for the festival, including some of the highest quality products for the King and Queen.   It’s not just a festival of drinking, it is also a great time to exchange stories, as Dordolio, Bard Extraordinaire does. There will be song and dance, theater and carnival. This once every six year’s festival known for its abundancy, flamboyant people and great showcases well visited by people from all over the world. It’s also well protected. Because it attracts all kinds of people, also unwanted ones. How the festival, its people and guests kept safe is a secret. The great wizard Akimotos knows, he coordinates it.   On the 9th day, early in the morning, the festival opens. The major begins with a brief speech and shows the first glass of Silver shine mead. He ends his speech with “this year the silver light is from extraordinary high quality!”   The main event of the festival takes place at the square. One side is an area with tables and fires for cooking and baking. and the other side is a tribune where people can show off their skills. Fighting skills tested in a small arena, some talented performers sing and dance, acrobats, magicians and animal trainers occasionally show up and sometimes off.   All for a minute of fame and a good silvershine mead. More for the mead, not the fame, actually.   Dordolio is a storyteller and children clinging to his lips. He is very observant and has a vivid memory of the festival. he watches two sword fighters duel. After a few seconds, he already knows what kind of men they are. It’s clear to him that both are trained to a certain degree. They probably are guards of some travelling merchant, perhaps a little better than average.   With a smirk on his face he strides to a table and orders some mead. Nothing wrong with a few drinks. Perhaps a song…
It didn't go as planned.
— Akimotos
WorldAnvil Challenge Challenge Page: Cheers! Beverage Flash Challenge Date: October, 2020
This story was originally written as a primer for the brewmaster Darion Blackwater in Chronicles of Elyria. (game no longer exists)
I have (re)written from memory (and therefore not the same for those who knew me in Elyria) so i dont forget. The original piece did win a price.

The story is not entirely complete, but for the October 14th 2020 flash challenge it is, and i hope it inspires a little. (as it does me)

Cover image: festival by Akimotos


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I love how the festival on the eclipse is such a fun and happy time. <3

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