like the Aquanian, but more fishlike: a dolphins tail and abilities to use magic. they are the fastest swimmers in the ocean. (they wont go deep as aquanians). They have real lungs like hummans, but are very capable of using that amount of air due to a larger number of airpockets inside their lungs. some of them can hold their breath for as long as 2 hours! (with training).

Basic Information


Seaminsk species can stay underwater for as long as eight to ten minutes; some can remain submerged while holding their breath for 15 minutes. Seaminsk breathe through a blowhole in their neck, which has a muscular flap that covers it when they go under water, keeping water out of their lungs.  

Genetics and Reproduction

they produce eggs like the aquanians and are technically capable of mixing with Aquanians. It rarely happens and the outcome can either be an Seaminsk or a Aquanian and is pure chance. the results can not be forced to become either kind. (except with magic)

It didn't go as planned.
— Akimotos
Scientific Name


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