Oracle's Tapestry of Signs

Oracle and the God of Time

in a small temple young monks are praying to receive an overnight tattoo. The tattoo signifies a membership of the Order and the tattoo is created by the God of Time.

Tapestry of Signs

Most members get a single symbol on the forehead. Every priest gets a symbol that needs to be interpreted by all the other members. and can be unique an significant, or more regular. Depending on the personality of the oracle. The color of the tattoo is always the same lineart in silver or gold and sometimes a unique combination of silver and gold.
The Oracle's Tapestry however is a full body tattoo in gold.


Over a thousand years ago an Oracle made a pact with Xarnagush, the God of Time. The oracle did so to become ever more powerfull in the art of reading the signs of the future. In exchange the Oracle promised the deity a religion devoted to pray and work for the God. The God, is an almost forgotten Deity. Not many fopllowerts believe in Time, they just accept it. The Deity accepted the deal.


First part - during the first full moon of the year

During the first day of the new moon, a small selective group of twenty young priests are lead into the small Temple of Xarnagush. Slowly and one by one they enter the temple as they have done for hundreds of years. Inside they are moved to a small piece of warm sheepskin, and blindfolded. They are told to undress. Silently they do so and then sit in rows of 4 in line, behind each other. Some nervous breathing can be heard, but no speaking. The young monks stay inside for the night, on their knees, face down, silently praying to the Deity. They are not allowed to peek or lift their blindfold. (when they do they will be very visible marked by the god and cast out by the Order.)
Second part - secret - during the last full moon of that same year
The monk (and in rare occasions two) gets an intricate collection of tattoos all over his body, called the Tapestry of Signs. They are revered as the most gifted by the gods, but there is a terrible price to pay. The head of the Order needs to preserve the tapestry and the best way to do so is by skinning them. The worst thing is that they need to be alive when they are skinned.

Components and tools

The Deity marks each and every one monk in the temple with an sign on the forehead, making him or her a priest of the religion. The mark shows that the priest has now powers to unlock.

The head of the Order has some powersfull skills to fullfill a gruesome task.
The carrier of the tapestry of signs will enjoy a few months of life, and will not know that death on the last full moon is imminent:
Although the monk will be pampered and 'serviced' by a male or female of his (or her) choice, to enjoy the time until the last full moon. When the last full moon of the year is rising the head has to do his job and skin the tattoo off the victim.
The skinning has to be done with the Knife of Xarnagush. This ordinary knife is blunt when used for anything else then the skinning of the tapestry and cannot be sharpened. It aslo prevents the vicitim to feel any pain, it will skin the vicitim flawless.
The order has the best ways of sedation ever created by men. When the victim is skinned the knife will suck up the lifeforce and painless death will follow.


The young monks are send in by their elder patrons to get the sign.
When daybreak comes the one or two that are wearing the tapestry of signs are collected by the head of the temple and moved to a special part in the monestary where they are placed in separate rooms. In the room he or she will get the best food, finest wine and everything they want. They are however not allowed to leave the room.   The other young novices are gatherede and , dressed in their new priest robes and congratulated with the mark.   the novice with a full body tattoo is moved silently away to a special room in the monestary.


The initial part of the ritual can be observed during the first full moon of the new year.
the second part is secret and only known by the Head of the Order and his apprentice. It can only be observed during the last full moon of the same year.

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