A long and slender race, gracious, fragile and average intelligence and wisdom. They are very charismatic and extremely well adapted to using magic. Their fragile bodies are a result of using magic for many mundane tasks. They are not strong or dexterous, but one could be easily fooled by their gracious movements. Elfians are using magic and charisma to create beautiful effective (suggestive) combat maneuvers and with their blades they are extremely deadly. They are masters in deceptive combat, making it hard to hit them. They are using all natural defenses like silk, leather and animal skins. They seldom kill animals as they prefer to use animals that died of age, animals that where killed by other animals. They also use woods, leaves and the best weapon and armor smiths use very secret processes to make intricate pieces of art that are deadly nontheless.

Basic Information


Long, slender, very charismatic looking.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have a hightent sense towards magic, very sharp eyesight and fast reflexes. They are only slighty more dexterous then Hummans.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Beauty is een as an artform. Most use magic as a tool to enhance the visuals. Bieng able to use magic for the most difficult tasks is seen as beauty.

Gender Ideals

males and females are alike. they both wear the same, dress the same and train the same.

Courtship Ideals

There are more woman then men born. they live together in a tribal form where one male has multiple females. females can move from one tribe to another. man can merge their tribes to create a more powerfull tribe. males and females have relations with each other.

Relationship Ideals

Ideally the man only has an intimate relation with up to 2 other persons. Through decadency however the elitists/highborne are more liberal on the number of people one alpha can have.

Average Technological Level

weaving and clothes making is of high standards. medicine is unsuprassed in knowledge (due to magic) and they are masters in creating woodworking, art and carving tools. they make high quality blades and staffs, sticks and leather armour (end product is non-magical).

Common Etiquette Rules

once invitied in a hosts living quarter one is considered under the protection of the host.

Common Dress Code

the elfians are very prestine and produce high quality clothing. in their home the elfians are wearing high end suits and colorfull clothes. males and females are used to see-through clothing. for non-elfians they use magic to make the guest feel at home.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

they are convinced that they are the most beautiful race. they can be quite annoyinmg about their art and magic.
It didn't go as planned.
— Akimotos


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