Stocky males and females, living underground for a great deal of the time. They are sturdy, strong and due to living underground quite rough. They are mostly not dexterous as their limbs are to short and bulky packed with muscles on thick bones. Normal dwaerven are of average intelligence and wisdom and are not in touch with the magic realm. Its very rare to encounter a dwaerf that is able to use magic. To compensate that they are using technology and commune with the gods. Dwaerven are very well adapted to live long times underground, build vast and impressive cities that are bright and beautiful marvels of architecture (high technological standards). One thing quite obvious is the craftsmanship and art of the Dwaerven regarding to using stone, gems and metals. These crafting quality's are responsible for nearly impenetrable strongholds that are brightly lit. extremely well fitting armor and high quality weapons. They are the only ones that can manipulate luminous stone and use it as part of a weapon or as city lighting. They need sunlight to recharge the stones. they use the luminous stones as light source while travelling the tunnels.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

low light vision
It didn't go as planned.
— Akimotos

Cover image: by Julio César Ocampo López


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