humming, zooming... mechanical constructs... they are most made with technology and enhanced with an rudimentary AI. How the AI works is unknown, it's discovery was totally unexpected. An experiment by nunion sung from the eastern realms.  The construct can do simple tasks... is very determined and methodical and needs specific materials like high energetic rocks (like low grade uranium) and water to keep powered up. The constructs are very bulky and steam powered.

Basic Information


Metal combined with flesh parts. Constructs are created by men with magic and techology. The body is primary for containing the water, powersource and heatgenerator. The bulky body is caried by a diversity of extremities 2 to 4 is most common as are 2 to 6 arms. Their 'head' is sometimes connected with a larger round tube that is not very flexible. There are known constructs that have magnetic capabilties that allow them to keep their head floating. they are very heavy, are build in a short time and with a proper powershupply they can run for decades.

Genetics and Reproduction

they do not repoduce as far as known. They do not grow. there are rumours of small groups of coinstructs that team up to build a new version. this is howver never confirmed.

Growth Rate & Stages

they do not grow.

Ecology and Habitats

they tend to team up in pairs of 7. but that is not proven and only rarely that there are multiple constructs in one place.

Dietary Needs and Habits

they neeed fresh water and something radiant to use as powersupply.

Biological Cycle


Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

they have a number of 'eyes', ranging from 1 to as much as 18. the eyes are independant and for different circumstances. they have bad hearing as they only need hearing to follow up spoken instructions. They produce a fair amount of noise. this is why their hearing is bad. without the noise they would have good hearing, but no operating system.

It didn't go as planned.
— Akimotos
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