About the differences with Earth

species are basic forms
(there are equivalents of species that can vary greatly. Like humans have asian, african, eastern, western, southern, northern, mongolian, nomadic etc.)

  • Hummans
  • Dwaerven
  • Elfians
  • Svirflin svirfneblin
  • Gnomenai gnomish
  • Kobaldar kobold-like
  • Orra'c orc-ish
  • Lizardians scaled people
  • Caitlan catfolk
  • Drovv like the drow
  • Angeali winged creature
  • Deeplings like halflings underground
  • Oxans large big
  • Ninjakarai small fast,
  • Seaminska mermaid
  • Pann exoskeleton
  • raetkin furry
  • Gurmeshka 2-6 "legged" (bipedal)
  • Golenn large slow stone-ish
  • Monkaran extreme hairy humman
  • Aquanian able to breath underwater
  • Lavanas made of lava
  • Khubai floating balls 10cm - 200 cm
  • Constructs man made barely thinking constructs
  • Magitech highly intelligent magical entities
  • clocswar metalic tiny constucts
  • autonomats fully developed magitech (collective)

  • Now i have created the list of species i have to add the primary details. Names are sounding familiar, but changed a) not to have the same as everyone else and b) the dwaerves are like dwarvenfolk, but different, just like Elfians are like elves, but also different.

    It didn't go as planned.
    — Akimotos

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