Digital World Δ (Delta)

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Digital World Δ is a variant of the Digital World of the anime/manga series but after a series of changes has created a separate archived version with drastically different rules and limits. The Digital World (all versions) is a unique server managed separately by the host computer, Yggdrasill. Within the host server, Digimon are created and live by the rule of the host computers.   With constant conflict spurred by humans, digimon and even Yggdrasill itself at times, a solution is being stress tested. That world is the Digital World ver. Δ. With the help of a human savant in coding, ver Δ shares resemblance to the natural world far more closely than previous incarnations of the Digital World and so its lifeforms and civilizations have adapted over the many cycles. Now with lifeforms that mirror sentience and existence just like our real world, this experimental code has taken on a life all its own and ending the "stress test" is out of the question.  

About the Setting

  This fiction takes place in an era in our near future when technology has began to evolve to blurr the line between human consciousness and digital existence. In the human world, an experimental technology dubbed "Digital Dive" has been in the works for decades and is now being tested via youth volunteers (between age 17 and 25) to fully map out the capability and compatibility of this technology.   On the digital front, Δ is only inhabited by digimon (digital life-forms) that are bound by limitations and laws in a finite environment similar to our own world. There is a focus on cooperation, civilizations, politics and many other aspects that are typically absent from the core Digimon franchise.