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The Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia

The Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia is the Outer Plane representing alignments between lawful neutral and lawful good.   The first layer of Arcadia was a well-ordered place with well-tended crops, orchards, and cities all laid out in regular geometric shapes. Properly shaped and arranged flowerbeds of every color were always in bloom and never needed a gardener, nourished by gentle rains. Night and day were provided by a huge rotating sphere, half radiant, half dark, set into the highest mountain in the plane. The trees of Arcadia grew in straight orchard rows or tidy forests. They had bark of iron, copper, silver, or gold, depending on the type of tree. The leaves resembled those of Prime Material Plane trees but were colored dark green to fire red and never fell to the ground. Each type of tree constantly produced a particular fruit which had magical properties like a potion when consumed.   Arcadia connected to the Seven Heavens, Nirvana, and Concordant Opposition by portals made of either white ivory or black steel, shaped like flower trellises. These portals were few in number but rested at fixed locations in the first layer. Little is known about the other two layers.
Alternative Name(s)
Dimensional plane
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