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The Blessed Fields of Elysium

The Blessed Fields of Elysium was the plane embodying the concept of pure good without being overly restricted by law nor dissipated by the randomness of chaos.   Most features of the four layers of Elysium were found on or near the banks of the river Oceanus which linked the plane with two other Upper planes: the Beastlands and Arborea. Oceanus was the counterpart to the river Styx which flowed through the Lower planes except that Oceanus had only natural hazards and contained potable water. Lands near the riverbanks were lush with pines and flowering trees that filled the air with natural perfume. Farther from the river smaller trees grew and started to thin until finally, after hundreds of miles, the forest gave way to fertile veldt regions, vast grasslands, and eventually badlands and desert.   There were no suns, moons, or stars in Elysium except those that the inhabiting Powers manifested, created by moving about in various vessels, or moving their entire realms across the skies. Depending on who or what was aloft, the shade of the sky could be deep indigo to a bright cerulean at any given moment.



The first layer, Amoria, also referred to as the "innermost" layer, was connected to the Astral Plane by color pools and to The Twin Paradises, Beastlands, and Concordant Opposition by unmarked portals located in dark caverns. Divination spells were required to determine the destination of these portals with certainty. Navigating the river Oceanus downstream also led to the Beastlands but any underground passages were not likely to be safe for boats. Amoria best fit the description given above and the river Oceanus had many side channels that split and merged back again, creating many "banks" for the establishment of realms.


The second layer of Elysium was very mountainous and many branches of the Oceanus became spectacular waterfalls and tumbling cascades before forming channels bordered by steep cliffs of gray rock. Like Amoria, Eronia supported abundant wildlife along the banks.  


Contrary to Eronia, Belierin was mostly flat with marshes and wetlands stretching inland for miles before larger plants and trees were found. Oceanus split and formed many island nations inhabited by extraplanar beings.  


The fourth and "outermost" layer of Elysium was a great ocean, sometimes called the Thalasian sea, that was both the source and final destination of the River Oceanus. Small, green islands were scattered about, collectively known as Avalon. No big land masses existed here.
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