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Episode Thirty-two - Whispering Woods Report

General Summary

As the Heroes of Áthulus stood victorious, the Gladiator Barbarian threw his hands up and dropped to his knees. His compatriot followed suit as Simadar stopped resisting. As the Khuzdûl briefly raised their weapons before contemplating their actions, the Gladiatorial Barbarian spoke and said, "If this is how its gotta' be den, very fuckin' well. We're shit on your heels, not offered da courtesy you'd give a fuckin' slave. Damned gul bastards don't know a uvar flod vind er vaer flod stig. A thousand holy hells could thicken your bla blod and yet you'd still find cowardice. Civilized Hârnic pigs like you will stot stein het fjell du ild kong Kelron will burn you with and you will be powerless am forvar traktat tre magisk. And I fukin' know that even in my death det kong Kelron het stot kong, will sunder the likes of you. All the hvalspyd in the world, knights or what have you, hun'i solv gul flod overin. Rom het mynt, your little silver pennies, won't stay your fukin' heads flod het oks. When the kong gives the order we will have seir att het streets will run rod. Tre linje will know our prakt and I will be thought i vonin. Whatever comes of this day you will be nothing but maug fucks on the wrong side of a krig, het hellig haug. So cut off me fukin' head then, my ancestors are smiling at me, can you say the same?"   Arion spotted roughly twenty barbarians in the woods as the heroes decided what to do with their captives. Having learned of their intent but seeing no other avenue, the group reluctantly extended mercy but were offered the same in return one day. Getting all the information they needed, from Simadar, the heroes learned that the barbarians intended to invade the town in the absence of the lord. The group also learned that the robed member of the barbarians was a cultist of Neveh, a barbarian trained in the practices of a powerful cult. The heroes learned that the cult was lead by a supposed barbarian king. Deciding to arrest Simadar, the heroes of drug the wretch back to the manor after Arion gathered the sword pieces from the road. At the manor, Simadar was thrown into the northern latrine for later hanging and the team stressed the perilous situation to the Lady of the manor and all but demanded the location of the lord. The lady informed the party that he often adventured to fill the confers and had yet to return. She told them that she was certain that he went east along the Salt Route and several members of the party, chiefly the local and the planetary foreigner, were adamant that he be found. On the matter of the village's impending doom, it was suggested that peasants be dressed up as guards to move about the walls. Kelaryn suggested that the same be done for scarecrows but Duryo warned that the village should be careful to make them look real because up close they would fool no one. Duryo also recommended vigilance in the night due to barbarians' connection with Neveh.   The group then went to Baern's home where Duryo gave him the sword shards. Baern agreed to talk to the Fellowship of the Red and the lone knight to recruit them in guarding the village. The group then attempted to talk a foreigner, Ibrahim Bastue Abdullah the captain of the vessel Duryo rode in on, into helping the village but at the first sign of danger he ran off. Afterward, Duryo spoke to Baern again and had him agree to guard the sword, this time knowing the potential consequences of his actions. As the group left to prepare to set out, Kelaryn left forty silver for her father.   Their journey began on the Three League Byway from the small village of Áthulus. Once the group set out to find the lord of the manor, they made it no further then the Salt Route before Arion halted to convoy. He ended up finding a body in the ditch, a messenger dead as of the previous night from a stab wound to the gut. The group read a brief letter addressed to Lady Erane and found out that Sir Maild was heading to Tolmon. Taking the courier's letters, including the man's name, Duryo tucked the items away. Waiting by the road, the team allowed ten minutes for Duryo to do a ritual to ward against the courier falling to undeath as Duryo and Kelaryn covered the body with some rocks. A league into the six league trek along the Salt Route, the party stopped to camp. As they set up camp they noticed a shrine in the woods.   After a bit of study the team determined that the shrine was dedicated to Lothrim, thanks to Declaen. The shrine had two ancient coins in it and Duryo told Kelaryn not to take the coins. Back at camp, Arvan and Kelaryn talked around the dim fire with the squire as Arion stood watch. Arvan introduced Kelaryn to the instrument he'd been building before they agreed to a small trek in the wood to view the shrine again. In the distance, Arvan and Kelaryn could have been seen laying down near the shrine and resting awhile. After some time, the two returned to camp.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Sidequest Siege of Áthulus Continued, Subquest Search for Sir Maild Started.

Character(s) interacted with

Arrested Simadar, bestowed mercy on the Gladiatorial Barbarian over the corpse of the cultist of Neveh, and spoke with Lady Erane.

Hârn: Kingdom Come
Report Date
14 Mar 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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