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Episode Thirty-one - Betrayal at the Fated Crossing Report

General Summary

After an evening meal and mead, the Heroes of Áthulus heard a knock at the door of the Stonehammer home. Kelaryn answered the door and a group of Khuzdûl poured in. After havoc befell the pantry, the home was graced with a song the Khuzdûl had heard from a Sindarin. The Sindarin had heard the song in their homeland Arda, and brought it to this particular group of Khuzan, The Fellowship of the Red who were themselves on a quest. As Arvan wrote the song down in his book of songs, the song struck familiar to Arion whom had heard of both the tale of the Hobbit and Durin's Folk as well as the song. After a line of questioning, and learning that his home was accessible from the sea east of Hârn, those within the home learned what the Fellowship sought. Wanting nothing more then to return to their home, called Kiráz, the Fellowship stopped off in Áthulus to look for adventurers and rest for awhile. Declaen informed the Heroes of Áthulus that Kiráz was the ruined home of the western Khuzdûl, sundered by Lothrim the Foulspawner. So, given their resting state, the Red offered to allow two of their rank to join the quest of the Heroes of Áthulus, the Khuzan whom joined were Grumwish and Laatais. As the party discussed recent events, the gem they had found, and what actions to take next, the warm fire bred further discussion as Arvan strummed away on his Sitar. Duryo, the Azeryani Sorcerer, discussed Grumwish's belief in Sarajin as well as Grumwish's magic abilities.   As the discussion started, Baern noted the recent brutality in the village to Kelaryn in their shared language, to which he would note lightly to those wondering among the room. During the discussion, Baern Stonehammer wielded the free floating gem from Princess Cliona Ironwood's sword but after Zemaim touched it, he was killed. Grumwish had determined that the gem was powerfully magic but after Zemaim's death Laatis, who glowed yellow to determine it, learned that the gem was imbued with radiant energy. Arvan then began to sketch the death of Zemaim in his notebook, along with the gemstone that killed him. As per the suggestion of Duryodhana-Kali, Arion asked Baern to encase the sword and gem in a lead box and bury it in the cellar. Baern agreed to Arion's request and then he and his daughter moved the body of Zemaim to the cellar to later be given to the Fellowship. The two talked at length below as the rest of the group settled in for the night. Kelaryn learned of the gods of Noveatus as well as the peoples of the Eilvenkin, the DeWarfolk, and the Ghaerdfuts. She talked at length with her father and he largely worked in the corner of the cellar after covering Zemaim.   In the morning, Baern had breakfast ready and Arvan sat around and offered tarot card readings. Likely to superstition, he had few takers but Duryo obliged him. Duryo asked, "Any good news from my card reading?"   To which Arvan replied, "I see a noble title and riches in your future..."   He continued, "This card, it signifies future wealth, and this one... power. As to whether the title is earned, or if it is taken, this is not clear."   Baern gave a side eye to the reading as Duryo thanked Arvan for his reading and then stated that it is his wish that Arvan was to share in his future fortune. Duryo then slipped Arvan five silver across the table to, "get us started in that hope."   With a surprised look Arvan thanked Duryo and Duryo then admitted that it was his, "pleasure, the Taro cards have long been a secret vice for me. Thank you for the indulgence."   Soon, the party set out and they noticed Simadar of Fulkne acting suspiciously. After being told of Simadar's crimes by Kelaryn and heading his facing anyway, the party looked on inquisitively. Arvan was stone-faced and Laatais loosened his axe wanting an opportunity. The heroes watched on, as they ventured toward the sword shards, and then Simadar met with several barbarians at the edge of the woods. Confronted by the barbarian Tulwyn, Declaen rightfully drew and drew first blood with his familial longsword. Kelaryn was assaulted by a cultish follower and left with two hand-shaped, black bruises on her arm. Declean was stabbed at with a spear several times but only one hit left a thick, round bruise on his chest and a dent in his armor. Grumwish was hit firmly with a strike from a barbarian axe and it left a long fine bruise under his chainmail. Eventually, the heroes won the fight and the barbarian leader surrendered, along with his warrior, and the cultist that Arion decapitated would never sling a spell again. With Simadar caught by Kelaryn and Khuzan blood boiling for a coup de grâce, the heroes were left with a choice, what to do with their foe.

Rewards Granted

385 XP

Missions/Quests Completed

Sidequest Siege of Áthulus Started.

Character(s) interacted with

Met The Fellowship of the Red [Roll20], introduced player characters Grumwish and Laatis, fought a magic cultist, fought a barbarian, and battled their leader, a gladiatorial barbarian.

Episode Thirty-one - Betrayal at the Fated Crossing Report cover
Hârn: Kingdom Come
Report Date
07 Mar 2020
Primary Location

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