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Episode Thirty-four - The Path of Heroes Report

General Summary

The Heroes of Áthulus careened away from the scene before the portal a league north of Tolmon. Four leagues further north, they were ambushed by Tulwyn barbarians as arrows flew from the forest. A barbarian charged forth and sent a spear hurtling at Declaen's horse. Speared in the heart it threw Declaen to the side of the road and knocked him unconscious. As the cart ahead of Arvan's wagon ran over the hind legs of the horse, Duryo stood up in the wagon and casted a spell that frightened a large majority of the barbarians away, saving the heroes from a storm of bows. In a desperate move, Arvan dodged the horse in the road as Kelaryn jumped for Declaen, inspired by Grumwish. She rolled across the ground with grace as the oxen drove onward and she pulled the knight of Larani to relative safety. The cart ahead was smashed by a log trap and it sent the individuals inside a flight. The cook was caught by Grumwish with the aid of Duryo but the rest, including the Khuzan Laatais, were killed on their impacts. Arvan called out for Arion to take the horse off to their west as a few arrows soared over head from the east. With a prodigious leap, Arion mounted the horse and rescued Kelaryn who was charging the very same barbarian that killed Declaen's horse; that same barbarian had thrown another spear through Declaen's chest before her charge. Arion threw Declaen's body on the horse and he ran alongside Kelaryn who rode it poorly. Though the horse would forever despise Kelaryn, it took her to Arvan's wagon where the heroes were able to escape.   Back at Áthulus by nightfall, the heroes delivered Maild to the manor where Arion and Grumwish preformed surgery on the lord. At the same time, Duryo spoke with the cook and Arvan learned he was born of royal blood learning much of his own father, the apparent Sir Inen Wainwright. Kelaryn went to her family home which she found burned to cinders with no sign of her father, she also saw the ruined home of Simadar of Fulkne. Back at the manor and gathered, Baern returned to town with the Knight that Arvan and Kelaryn saw on the road. Discussing issues, the majority opted to retire as Arion and Grumwish headed out to discover the nature of the attacks. As the peak of the night set upon them, the group elected to sleep for the night at the manor of the Lordship of Áthulus having learned of the barbarian arsonist from Arion and Grumwish.  

Pre-Post Session

Duryo left the manor walls to speak with The Master and found an audience. He apologized for conjuring his image on the road against the barbarians and then gave him a note for use on the road.  

Post Session

Arvan, Duryo, and Grumwish met for bacon, breakfast, by the campfire with Marlyn. Grumwish proposed, after a conversation with Duryo, that Simadar be offered to the tomb. Duryo and Grumwish had, had a conversation in camp largely concerning the pay for their efforts. For payment, Duryo offered Grumwish knowledge. Duryo showed his book to Grumwish and taught him of monsters and he told him of the temple below the town and its potential benefit. They weighed the option of the question that would be asked, but ended up with Arvan showing Grumwish his tattoo. Grumwish then asked what the groups options were and they discussed them at length. After Sir Yoreth walked by they followed him to the manor to check on Sir Maild; there, they discussed the situation regarding the barbarians. Soon after, and after Sir Maild had introduced himself as Arvan's cousin at the beginning of the conversation, Sir Maild offered to make the group members of a Council of Adventurers. Arvan accepted but the other two offered misgivings. They then went back to their respective areas as the ninth hour of the morning approached.  

Post, Post Session

Arvan met with Maild and discussed the potential future of the Adventurer's Council. Arvan suggested that the number must be odd and finite. Arvan recommended against an overall leader but elected for a member that could steer the meetings. They then discussed plans on how to push power into the future. In the end, Arvan convinced Sir Maild to make him the soul adventurer to promote and was, during the discussion, conferred the rank of Chamberlain with the promise of more power in the future.

Rewards Granted

73 XP

Missions/Quests Completed

Sidequest Siege of Áthulus Continued, Subquest Search for Maild Completed.

Character(s) interacted with

Sir Yoreth and Sir Maild.

Master's Note.png
Hârn: Kingdom Come
Report Date
29 Mar 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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