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Episode Thirty-five - In the Hands of Death Report

General Summary

The Heroes of Áthulus discussed Duryo's faith before a Mind Flayer attempted to breach Grumwish's mind again. Grumwish and Arion scaled the guard station and looked toward the wood. Arion fired an arrow and said he'd like to retrieve it and investigate. Duryo told Sir Yoreth to put the town on watch.   The group left the manor and met Lemlen who was collecting garland at the fence. She mentioned meeting a nice man as the team ran off into the bush following Grumwish's divine guidance. Capable of detecting evil, he informed the group that Lemlen had a spark of shadowed energy about her. The Heroes of Áthulus then found a Mind Flayer and it told them to steer clear of portal north of Tolmon before hitting them with a massive attack of the mind. The mind blast rendered Arion helpless for some time as it cracked open his skull and began sucking out his brain. Once Arion was killed, the Mind Flayer attempted to flee but it was cut down by the group.   The spirit of Arion was then guided by Death of the Endless to his afterlife in The Meadows of Valon to rest in the Timeless Halls. Once in the Timeless Halls, a siege began and a war for Arion's mind commenced. Eru Ilúvatar fought with his faithful but Arion was pulled down into Hell. Upon arrival, the hellish tendrils of Agrik's mind reached for Arion and corrupted his active memory. Agrik replaced Arion's very thoughts as they occurred, as in truth he began a mighty battle against the lowly armed slaves of Hell. Eventually, Arion was guided by fate to Sir Taebirn the Sentinel but it was to late, Arion's mind had been tricked to watch as a false version of himself made a deal to be released from Hell.   In the mean time, the remaining Heroes of Áthulus brought Arion's body back to town and informed Sir Yoreth of the Mind Flayer. Arion awoke with a crack in his helmet and a horrible scar on his head but none the less, alive. Eventually the wild evening boiled down to the group going with Father Habus to have a drink at his barn. Along the walk, Duryo burst into laughter along with Grumwish considering their day all the while.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Sidequest Siege of Áthulus Continued.

Character(s) interacted with

Grumwish angered Elendsley Chandyll for saying she looked angry.

Created Content

Elendsley Chandyll [Roll20]
Hârn: Kingdom Come
Report Date
11 Apr 2020
Primary Location

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