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Episode Thirty-eight - Big Rick Energy Report

General Summary

After Kelaryn was given a ring by Jim Darkmagic in the water, the Champions of Destiny all rushed into the mouth of the stone dwarf as the last drop of water dripped gently down into the drying river below. Grumwish was the first to enter as they left Acquisitions Inc. behind, willingly per the offer of Omin after a suggestion from Viari. As the team stepped onto the smooth stone they heard the faintest sound of rocks sliding against one another before they were lifted off of their feet. The cliff fell back down into the ground and when it stopped they found a stronghold beyond that they all spent the better part of the day and the remaining evening exploring before a nice rest that night. In the dead of night, Kelaryn tried on her new ring but it swiftly faded away and she cursed the name Jim Darkmagic before she fell asleep. On the morning of the 29th of the Hammer the Champions of Destiny attempted to access a supposed room behind the obsidian wall by sitting on the throne and dipping their hands into the warm magic hand-holds but the magic fell cold. Eventually, after interacting with a log book of a supposed Grand Master Mage, the group entered a dungeon beyond that very book. After fighting over a dozen Striges, the Champions of Destiny met several strange beings before they encountered a mage stabbed through at the bottom of a spike pit. Glizzlegus would be saved after Duryo lifted her from the pit with levitation and Grumwish saved her with his healing word. After Arion used a portion of his healing kit to heal the wounds of Gliz, she would only go on to betray them upon the pantry.   Inside the pantry Grumwish found pickles abound. The pickles then shattered their own glasses, grew limbs, and fought the Champions of Destiny. After Gliz attacked Duryo and he killed her, Grumwish was barely injured but Kelaryn ate one of the pickles and transformed into a lycanthropickle. After passing through two more strange rooms, the Champions entered a room full of doors that lead them to seemingly random dimensions in the Greater Microverse coming out of the trapped room, the pushed further into the dungeon.

Rewards Granted

200 XP

Missions/Quests Completed

Quest of Fate Continued, Sidequest Lost Dungeon of Rickedness Started.

Character(s) interacted with

Creature of the Lost Dungeon of Rickedness in the Kryptgarden Stronghold.

Created Content

Kryptgarden Stronghold content [Roll20]
Hârn: Kingdom Come
Report Date
06 Jun 2020
Primary Location

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