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Episode Thirty - The Witching Hour Report

General Summary

The group of adventurers opened the sarcophagus in the tomb to find the body inside had turned to ash. Declaen stayed at the entrance to guard the group's backs while Arion, Arvan, and Duryo ventured forth with Kelaryn trailing quietly behind. They found a room with vestments of Morgath hung on the wall, and took three, and saw the zombies and a wight waiting in the room. The adventurers made their way though a strangely lit room and found a key in the following corridor but the corridor was rigged to collapse on them. The falling ruble hurt Duryo and dinged both his and Arion's armor (but Baern would work that out for them later). They didn't want to confront the wraith in the following room at first but eventually they entered and spoke to The Witching Hour’s Sage and he offered knowledge for a life traded. He told them that the Witching Hour related to the greater universe and was ultimate knowledge. He told them that even the fallen oak tree was a question of ultimate knowledge and would cost them a life. Kelaryn offered to bring a terrible townfolk down but the group refused to allow such a trade. Arion kept the key to the room of the Sage after locking the room back. Declaen was still at the entrance, sword at the ready when the party returned.   Arvan then identified that a fate type magic had knocked over the great oak tree. After debating how to proceed, the group went to talk to Father Habus and the Reeve. It was then that Declaen decided to return to check on his retainers. A few moments later the group encountered Lumaag and learned that Kelaryn's father was going to be executed. At the wall of the manor, the near mute and dumb executioner was readying to end Baern but Arion began to argue with Chamberlain Turryl on the wall and then the rest joined in. Trying to back his way out of his lies, Turryl blamed his choices on the madness of the curse before his mind fell victim to the physic damage and the dissonant whispers within. Turryl collapsed and then fell off the wall, dead. The knacker took Turryl, along with Father Habus to the church as the Reeve headed in after the secondary guard to the manor. Baern thanked those around him, Arion, Arvan, and Duryo, for saving him and then offered each a claim to Stonehammer. Baern then invited the group of heroes back to his home and told them his story with a drink in hand before Lumaag brought the owed silver, to Declaen first, and then the rest to Baern's home where the heroes were. As they drank, Baern talked of his home and told the heroes about the hammer over his mantle.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Sidequest Tears in the Night Completed.

Character(s) interacted with

Met The Witching Hour's Sage and his "advisors," formally met Lumaag the guard [Roll20], and the slow Knacker/Executioner. Saw the end of Chamberlain Turryl.


Player character knowledge that Chamberlain Turryl was killed by Arvan Wainwright.

Hârn: Kingdom Come
Report Date
29 Feb 2020
Primary Location

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