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Episode Forty-Four - Nobles of Waterdeep

General Summary

Inside of the throne room the Champions saw before them the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember sitting upon a large throne in a largely relaxed but imposing position. Flanking the Lord's sides were several Masked Lords of Waterdeep sat in regal chairs, there were nine Masked Lords in total.   Before Dagult stood a Dwarven man and as the heroes entered, released into the room by the magister, they heard Dagult command something in Dwarven which Kelaryn understood, "Your life is forfeit for your betrayal of Waterdeep. We ask little of our citizens but you've failed to even give the bare minimum."   He then shouted in Common, "take him away," as several guards then stepped up and carried the man off as he plead for his life.   Dagult then demanded off to his sides, "these folk will be the last I see today, proceed to the Hall of Justice upon this conclusion. Two of your companions will meet you there."   The Champions continued their walk down the path through the decadent throne room until they were met by the voice of Dagult as they approached a center point before the court. "Stand before the high court of Waterdeep and make your case, the Masked Lords will bear witness and in conclusion we will decide fate within these halls for the greater good of the city beyond."   The heroes claimed the estate and house of Deepwinter to which Dagult looked around to his court and asked, "I ask now for only a vote to determine initial favorability."   After a moment, the lords all raise their hands aside from two and he looked to both of the Champions of Destiny. "It is much as I suspected, we are eager to fill the noble houses once more with claimants to their titles and name. You'll need not share the dynastic name of your house to proceed nor will your heirs. The estate will remain yours regardless of noble status but the tomb will only be yours if status is conferred."   The Masked Lords then murmured for a moment before, with regal posture, Dagult stood and announced, "it has become a tradition in Waterdeep that new houses, or in this case returning houses, prove their worthiness to the city and their dedication to its growth. Given that you are a returning house I would suggest a donation for the levy in a sum of one hundred and fifty thousand golden dragons to aid in the growth of force in the area of Undercliff, where your estate resides. A portion of the funds will aid in the rebirth of the air defense initiative. Furthermore, you haven't a business nor do you support any staff at your estate yet so I would suggest an alternate means of supporting the people of Waterdeep."   Dagult then walked right down to the heroes and stood before them both. "Armed and armored both, in a high court, I know your like and the side of law and order have need of you."   "Tell me who you are" he requested as he tapped on both of their armors at the heart, "within I mean."   Arion introduced himself first, claiming to be a true son of Gondor; Kelaryn was second naming herself a Stonehammer of Áthulus. Dagult questioned whether they were more then just a name and their birthplace to which Arion admitted should suffice if Dagult knew his home. Arion then told Dagult that Gondor had to fight for years against the taint of what lay beyond. Kelaryn admitted that her truest desire was to find a home that in her heart she could truly call home. Dagult asked them both what their thoughts were on humanity as a whole and they both spoke of humanity's desire toward crime and wrong doing. In another beat, Kelaryn questioned the Open Lord and asked him of the Dwarf she saw carried away. He attempted to trick her into challenging him to test her moral values, which Kelaryn missed, and then asked them what freedom meant to them and what their past meant to them.   When pleased with their answers Dagult admitted, "We shall not forget what we have learned of our past. From its lessons, the future is forged. From our lessons, all good souls learn that freedom is the right of all sentient beings."   Dagult gave a brief smile that he quickly hide and remarked, "I find you of good character and we'll have a task for you to serve for the betterment of this city. If all are in favor I ask you to vote given the terms and conditions I have set forth." Dagult then took his place by his throne as all but two Masked Lords voted in favor of Arion and Kelaryn's nobility. As Dagult's hand fell from the vote he looked to them both and declared, "It is settled, you are now nobles of the house of Deepwinter, in the city of Waterdeep you are nobility. You will meet the conditions set forth by this court within an appropriate time frame or for your sedition you will be charged with treason and hanged. Your task will be delivered to you by courier, see to the rest and then you shall meet with me there after."   Once the meeting was over one of the masked lords, stocky and bulk, approached the heroes and seemed to know them. He offered to help them get the money to pay their way into nobility and knew of their time in the dragon layer. He arranged a meeting with them, set for that night at midnight. Another Masked Lord congratulated them as another stared angrily.   As Kelaryn's curiosity became her, they ventured to the Hall of Justice in the palace and, after nearly being punched by a sleeping old woman, were guided by a guardman to the imprisoned dwarf and found out that he was mad and a murderer and he claimed that the city needed to be stolen and mined by Dwarven for its rich depths.   Out in town, a town crier announced Arion and Kelaryn's new found nobility. They gave Foggy "the Forgetful Beggar" a gold coin for info on the Plinth's fall and had him guide them to the Halls of Justice. Inside they met a priest whom Arion promptly insulted with a bribe, having become more used to Faerûn. That same priest turned out to be the Master of the Halls of Justice, Boldirk Winterbraid whom would lead the pair through a marble wall, after a false doorway, to the vaults of the Halls. They were led to a ten foot adamantine door which lead into a grand hall full of similar doors. The Champions of Destiny were then given the Vault of the Dragon's Hoard, said to be capable of holding even Old Gnawbones' hoard.   Questioning the Master, the heroes learned that she was seen flying over the city on the 5th, the day prior. They were told of the real Old Gnawbones and her abilities, as well as her her gang. They were then armed with the command word, "Reptum," which would allow them through the vault's security wards.   Back at the Dragon's Head inn, as Kelaryn got a bath, Arion met a thief and gang member of Gilda's who offered him information after paying a massive wealth of four gold. Arion learned of Gilda's gang and her theft of his medical supplies. He also learned she intended to steal his map. Later that evening they met, once again, with Jim Darkmagic whom supposedly moved their money to the vault. The heroes then got some sleep after Arion propped the bathtub up against the window and his own bed against the door.

Missions/Quests Completed

Sidequest Deepwinter Deed Continued, Subquest Deepwinter Estate Started, Subquest Dagult's Champions Started.

Character(s) interacted with

Open Lord of Waterdeep Dagult Neverember, Foggy "the Forgetful Beggar", Master of the Halls of Justice Boldirk Winterbraid, and Jim Darkmagic.


Notable Party Damage: (New Noted Section)

  • Arion's shield, at the left most edge, is sheered off. In the defense of Iron Maiden, the portion of shield was cleved through by Than, the Last Titan of Urgrund. Arion has a missing link of chainmail on his right shoulder from the demon attack at the Fated Crossing. His helmet has a mildly noticeable patched portion where a crack once existed from the mind flayer attack. Under his helmet he has a small scar on the left side of the top of his head where the same mind flayer sucked out his brain.
    Noted Effects: Minor Scar (Head). The scar doesn't have any adverse effect. Magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, removes the scar.
  • Kelaryn has two mostly faded hand-print shaped bruises on her left arm. She has a scar from the stab of a spear that she received valiantly fighting an ice devil on her stomach.
    Noted Effects: Minor Scar (Head). The scar doesn't have any adverse effect. Magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, removes the scar.

The town crier called out, "here ye! Here ye! the Lord of Waterdeep Dagult Neverember would like to announce the return of the noble House of Deepwinter. Lord Arion and Lady Kelaryn met with his lordship in open court today and formalized their nobility in but an unprecedented single session. It is to be known that they were of a very important class with in our society, they were of the adventuring class! Good tidings and more news to come."
Report Date
01 Aug 2020
Primary Location

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