Didome Winds

The winds on Didome(location:6daf4c39-35d2-4b91-9474-be7e519a4642) in the afternoon and in the morning are very constant and strong. Since @[Novus appears to move very slowly through the sky, the winds on most of Didome are directed towards the noon of the planet. The cool night air slowly moves toward the day side of the planet. As the air move into the light it heats up and picks up speed. By the time the air reaches the early afternoon and late morning of the planet the wind can be moving at 15-30 m/s and is mainly blowing at a steady constant speeds with occasional gusts. When the winds reach the noon of the planet, the opposite winds collide and are force upwards. This upwards movement causes the warm air to rapidly cool and realize its moisture in violent storms that ravage the noontime skys.
  These morning of afternoon winds are very constant and steady have led to many of the cultures of Didome to relies on the wind for their sources of power. Lots of the culture have developed sophisticated windmills to harvest this power. 
  The sailing is also highly developed on Didome as well. Since the winds are so steady and strong boats can travel around the sea with little effort, this has facilitated the exploration of the world as cultures developed.

Cover image: by Cory Brooke-deBock


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