Breakthrough Proxima Mission

Discovery, Exploration

Dec. 15 2023 - Oct. 30 2046 CE

Data return: 2049 - 2050 CE

2023 CE marked the beginning of humanity's ventures outside their solar system. On December 15 of 2023, the first hundredfold of the Breakthrough Starshot microprobe fleet launched on an escape velocity vector out of the Sol system and towards Proxima Centauri. Racing through interstellar space at 20% the speed of light, the fleet performed a thorough fly-through of the Proxima Centauri system in 2045, with the data reaching Earth just over four years later. After passing through the system, the microprobes gradually ceased communications with Earth until the last signal was sent on October 30, 2046.

Mission Timeline


Dec. 15

Breakthrough Fleet launched to Proxima Centauri


May 7 thru Aug. 22

Fleet flythrough Proxima system
  • data return: 2049-2050

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