UNSS Delos

The UNSS Delos is a first-generation UNAC orbital research station orbiting the N-class planet Leto in the Ross 154 system. It hosts a crew of six at the minimum, though this number has varied across the centuries to a maximum of 16 during the 2520s. The station's mission is primarily to monitor and study the simple biosphere endemic to Leto as it evolves, though the secondary objective is to study the star itself (specifically its flare activity).

Purpose / Function

The Delos is the primary point of habitation in Ross 154, as the system is under strict biological lockdown due to the budding biosphere on Leto, which the station is primarily present to study.


Being a first-generation interstellar station of the Constellation II program, the UNSS Delos is of linear-radial semimodular construction, as opposed to the radial eumodular structure of later stations.

At the fore of the vessel is the bridge, followed immediately by the bow corridor, attached to which is the communications module at zenith and the primary airlock at nadir. Behind this is the habitation nexus, with six personal bunk modules connected radially around the central living space. Immediately aft of this is the scientific nexus, with four collapsible laboratory modules connected radially around the central hub. The last pressurized section before the engineering module is the cargo bay, complete with two shuttle ports (one permanently occupied) and the drone deployment module.

The station is thoroughly equipped with interlinked RCS to maintain or change orientation and orbital vector, though the warp ring and main engines were jettisoned as planned upon arrival at the destination to conserve RCS fuel.

Fiction Appearances

Orbital, Station
Parent Location
Ross 154
Station type linear-radial semimodular
Station generation Constellation II
Station class Terminus
Constructed 2183 - 2185 CE
Launched 2187 CE
Orbital insertion 2194 CE

Crew Manifest (Maiden Expedition)

  • CYGNA (Artificial Intelligence Unit)
  • Commander Lucille Bernard (ESA, France)
  • Lt. Commander Anna Ivanovich (ROSCOSMOS, Russia)
  • Dr. Hernando Alvarez (AEC, Mexico)
  • Dr. Khaira Diallo (ASA, Malia)
  • Dr. Darren Michaels (OARES, Australia)
  • Comms Officer Frank Orson (NASA, United States of America)


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