UNSS Asteria


The UNSS Asteria is a 12800s-era UNAC deep space exploration and scientific research vessel based out of LUNA-F1 in the Sol system. The Asteria primarily operates on or just past the edge of known space, though the crew often also run missions well within the frontier's boundaries.

Power Generation


Altair Mk. XVII antimatter reactor


Riyaten 3209-5s toroidal hydrogen fusion stellarator


Intrepid-class standard solar cell array

See, that's a common misconception: engines aren't "controlled" explosions. They're contained explosions.
— Diego Castorra, Asteria engineer



Lockheed G900-series fusion turbines


StellarCorp. ALC-788 Class V warp drive

Vector Control

Intrepid-class standard RCS

Next time why don't you try turning the ship's vector 90 degrees while moving at 175 times the speed of light?
— Audra "Wings" Fletcher, Asteria pilot

Communication Tools & Systems


USSC Series 284 universal photonic ansible


Intrepid-class standard short-range electromagnetic communications array

Stabby somehow knocked out the ansible again while in the vents, so we're down to radio.
— Jae Chong, Asteria technician

Additional & auxiliary systems

Core Computation Unit

CHARLES (Computer Hardware for Analysis and Research using Logic and Extant Science) artificial intelligence system #424

But that's a heck of a mouthful, so just call me Chuck!
CHARLES Chuck, Asteria heurosystem

Hangars & docked vessels


Two shuttles mounted on opposing docking pylons at mid-deck.
Starboard pylon shuttle "Tincan"
Port pylon shuttle "Deathtrap"

Sure the shuttles are pieces of shit, but they are functional pieces of shit, no matter how much they clank and wheeze.
— Nessa "Ness" Moreva, Asteria captain

UNSS Asteria Crew Patch
Crew patch of the UNSS Asteria
Vessel ID ER2902A
Vessel ID Type Exploration Research
Vessel Name UNSS Asteria
Years in Service 62
Vessel Purpose exploration and scientific vessel
Port of Registry LUNA-F1 (Lunar United Nations Aerospace Facility 1)
Complement / Crew
11 + oAI
Length 500 meters
Diameter (warp rings) 100 meters

Personnel Manifest

  • Captain: Nessa Moreva
  • Pilot: Audra Fletcher
  • Navigation: Audra Fletcher
  • Engineer: Diego Castorra
  • Engineer: Dr. Liu Yang
  • Technician: Jae Chong
  • Communications: Kirrt Surr
  • Medic: Dr. Merlin Foxwell
  • CSO: Dr. Sklye Solari
  • SO: Dr. Suraja Patel
  • SO: Dr. Ker'zjhan
  • SO: Linik Artrin


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