The Diaspora Project

An introduction

The Diaspora universe is an exploration of humanity’s future within the local stellar group, and a speculative examination of what that space may look like across vast expanses of time. The world is meticulously researched and constructed to be as true to present scientific knowledge as possible.

The Diaspora Universe

The Diaspora is an alternate universe where humans committed to their desire to explore the cosmos, and have begun to spread across the local interstellar neighborhood. Along the way, they have encountered a small number of fellow sophont species, with whom they have allied themselves in spacefaring solidarity.  


In the 129th century of the Universal Modern Era (2800s CE), known space extends in a roughly spherical radius of about ten parsecs, or 32.6 lightyears. In this bubble of human influence, there are roughly 270 star systems, most of which have planets of some sort and almost all of which are occupied by sophont species in some form or other.


Generic article | Jun 13, 2019

The nature of sapience, and how to classify it.


This universe has a narrative history shorter in span than other projects but overall much more detailed, spanning from its point of divergence in the 1970s CE to the mid-2800s CE. A certain upcoming project also explores the setting's far future.  

Extant Projects

Starhopper Radio
Generic article | Jun 23, 2019

A series of audio snapshots of life at various places and times in known space.

Starhopper Radio is a short-form anthology podcast series, with no central focus as of Season One -rather, the show is composed of audio "snapshots" from across known space, provided to the listener by an artificial intelligence named HOMER. The project's current status is Indefinite Hiatus.
Generic article | May 29, 2019

Three individuals try to understand the nature and purpose of a large, powerful, and vaguely unethical superscience organization.

Horizon is a semi-interactive webcomic in the style of MS Paint Adventures, centering around the actions of an alien named Nine. The project's current status is Archived.
Generic article | Jun 16, 2019

The crew of the UNSS Asteria accidentally uncover an ancient threat on the edge of known space.

Frontieria is a serial story composed of chapters of varying length, centering on the crew of the UNSS Asteria as they discover the galaxy's dangerous past on the far outer edge of known space. The project's current status is Archived.

Planned Projects

Wandering the Sky

Wandering the Sky is a concise and comprehensive review of humanity’s nine centuries as a starfaring race, from the SHEO Project to the settlement of extrasolar planets to first contact with each of the eight known sophont species.

The project's current status is Archived.


The appearance of a mysterious battered spacecraft in orbit throws the world into unrest. Is it merely a relic from the ancient past of the alien beings who built the monolithic Monuments? Or a harbinger of their return...?

The project's current status is Concept Archived.



The various projects set within the Diaspora universe explore humanity’s path to the stars and their interactions with the other sapient denizens of the interstellar neighborhood, as well as the history and ecology of the myriad worlds scattered throughout known (and unknown) space. Though the project is realistic in its scientific and technological aspects, following in the footsteps of the likes of Arthur C. Clarke and Andy Weir, its sociopolitical and cultural aspects inherit the bright optimism of Carl Sagan’s writings.

Goals & Impact

The Diaspora is, at its core, an exploration of what humanity idealistically could become. Humanity and their allies still face hardships, of course –after all, the universe isn’t a particularly hospitable place– but the stories of the Diaspora are about cooperating in the face of adversity and utilizing interpersonal differences as a source of strength against whatever probabilistic curveballs the unsympathetic cosmos pitches our way. The Diaspora is meant to inspire hope within its audience, visualizing a brighter future for our species.

Artistic Notes

Most art assets you see in this world were made by myself using Paint.NET, Krita, SpaceEngine, or a combination of these tools. This holds true for all images without specific outside credit. Credited assets are either Creative Commons content or displayed with the permission of the creator(s).


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