Heuristic Onboard Managing Electronic Researcher

The Heuristic Onboard Managing Electronic Researcher, or HOMER, was the first fully-sapient artificial intelligence created by humans, and currently manages the city-station Remus in the Procyon system.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

HOMER was originally the onboard heuristic mother program of the human-built long-range interstellar probe Aeneas, sent to study the Sirius and Procyon star systems in 2100. After his mission was complete, he placed himself in full shutdown (sans orbital stabilizers), and once humans arrived in the Procyon system HOMER was awoken and integrated with Remus’ systems, making him the oldest still-functioning human-built AI (and one of the oldest extant sapient beings in known space) at over seven hundred years old.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

HOMER is very fond of studying history, particularly the history of space exploration. He is known for collecting records and recordings from across known space via the quan-net, making his auxiliary memory banks a treasure trove of historical sources, both momentous and mundane.

Fiction Appearences

Current Location
Year of Birth
12098 UME 801 Years old
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States of America, Earth, Sol System
Current Residence
Gender Identity
Though not bound to human gender norms, HOMER prefers a male identity, citing an emotional connection to his namesake.


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