Fortuna is a medium-sized terra-class planet in the Alpha Centauri star system, the only planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A and the site of humanity's first extrasolar colony world. Fortuna's "indigenous" flora and fauna are actually descendants of organisms from Hemera, transplanted to Fortuna thousands of years ago by the skgri'i as part of a terraforming initiative.


Fortuna is the only planet orbiting the star Rigil Kentaurus, the brighter component of the Alpha Centauri binary star. It has a single natural satellite: a small asteroid named Spero.

Fauna & Flora

Fortuna's biosphere is composed of highly derived Hemeragenid organisms, mixed with certain newer introduced Terragenid species.

Location under
Alpha Centauri
Included Locations
Owning Organization
United Nations of Humanity
Location 4.37 ly from Sol

Orbital Characteristics

Semi-major axis 1.24 AU
Semi-minor axis 1.22 AU
Orbital period 404.02 days
Rotation period 28.2 hours
Natural satellites 1

Planetary Characteristics

Class medium temperate terra (TR)
Radius 6312 km (0.99 x REarth)
Surface area 5.01e+8 km2
Volume 1.05e+12 km3
Mass 4.78e+24 kg (0.8 x MEarth)
Gravity 8.1 m/s2
Atmospheric pressure 1.2 atm
Atmosphere composition
  • 64% nitrogen
  • 33.2% oxygen
  • 0.8% other gases
Average temperature 26°C

Biosphere Information

Life Organic multicellular (marine, terrestrial)
Tech level 14
Population 2 billion

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