Chiron is an immense city-station in the Alpha Centauri system, orbiting the planet Fortuna, whose sun is Rigil Kentaurus (the brighter of the two stars).


The vast majority of Chironites are humans; either descendants of the first station crews or more recent tenants. However, due to Chiron's proximity to Proxima Centauri, there are an appreciable number of permanent Promethean residents. The rest of the population is split fairly evenly between skae and shyxaure, with a meager number of ziirpu and rimor.


Chiron houses a sizeable portion of the UNAC defense fleet, which are rapidly deployable in the highly unlikely event of siege by hostile forces.


Chiron's primary economic function is fuel supply and goods trade-off, being the closest major station to the Sol system.


Chiron's power supply comes from two different sources: the primary power grid is supplied by the station's massive solar arrays that gather energy from Rigil Kentaurus, supplemented by a set of auxiliary fusion reactors that can be activated rapidly in the event that the station requires an excess of energy not sustainable by solar arrays alone.


Chiron originally arrived in the Alpha Centauri system in 2148 CE as the transport vessel and orbital base station of the Caerus III mission to permanently settle the planet Fortuna. For the first century or so of Fortuna's habitation, Chiron served as the orbital bottleneck for IRIS supply runs until the surface colonies became fully self-sufficient, and it remains an important spaceport to this day. Over the centuries it has become vastly larger than the original base structure, allowing for a greatly expanded capacity for residency.

Orbital, Station
400,000 (station census in 2800)
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization
United Nations of Humanity
Station type eumodular
Station generation Caerus
Station class Jericho


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