Delta Pavonis, known natively as Aelycah, is the system which hosts the shyxaure homeworld of Delvasi. It is the center of shyxaure colonial space, serving as both a hub of shipbuilding due to its rich asteroid belt and a key point in the deep space travel network. However, the system's central star is an old G8V-type that will soon slip into its red giant phase, rendering its planets uninhabitable.



The Aelycah system is located in the southern celestial hemisphere relative to Sol, roughly 20 lightyears from the center of known space.


Delta Pavonis / Aelycah

  1. Çelatu* (d)
  2. DelvasiΔ (tr)
  3. Actalo (j)
    • Qaylon* (tr)
    • Hauxir* (tr)
    • Aesil* (o)
  4. (asteroid belt)
  5. Laamyon (n)
  6. Ett (i)

For more information, visit the Wikipedia page on Delta Pavonis.

Fauna & Flora

The Aelycah system is the origin point of the Delvasigenid group of organisms.

Alternative Name(s)
Delta Pavonis
Star System
Included Locations
Universal Star Catalogue designation USC 086
Native name Aelycah
Location Local Interstellar Cloud, Local Bubble, Orion–Cygnus Arm, Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster
Proximal system GJ 4285 (5.8 ly)

System Structure

System diameter (farthest orbit) 2.6e+11 km (Ett)
System diameter (helioshock) 7.8e+13 km
System mass 1.1 Msol

Endemic Bodies

Central star Delta Pavonis / Aelycah
Stellar type G8V
Known planets 5
Known dwarf planets 83
Biotic bodies 1
Colony worlds 4

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