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An Untouchable is one who has exiled themselves from Devic society and has let loose into the outlands, disconnected from divine order at the expense of having to fend for themselves and survive amidst great danger.  


Since the beginning of the Age of Idols, anyone who was dissociated with the Devic clans, whether through exile or never abiding as a citizen in the first place, was classified as a criminal, albeit with mild concern. At the cost of freedom, Untouchables deeply struggled in poverty and illiteracy without knowledgeable aid, making survival a necessity as many scrapped for food, water, shelter and health. The abundant rate of criminal activity, as well as hostile wildlife and phenomena, has been used as propaganda by the Devas in order to invoke fear in citizens and to discourage them from abandoning the 'comforts of a society in full fruition' - even those who already attempted self-exile had turned themselves in begging for the mercy of the divine and be granted a second chance.   Despite the chaos, Untouchables became capable of extending beyond survival by salvaging the remnants of the land for resources, either building settlements out of scrap or occupying ruins for sturdy shelter, repurposing junk to make gadgets and assembling enough materials to establish and sustain a tribe.¬†When basic needs are met and negotiations are made, Untouchables can cooperate and form greater factions without relying on a theocratic figure demanding worship. Generally, the Untouchable people are rowdy but expressive without worry, making for a more welcoming and reassuring society despite the hostilities.   Since the 'first bloom' of Devas, Untouchables were discarded as inconvenient as they had no power in challenging the Devic clans. With the 'second bloom' where much more powerful and enduring Devas were birthed, the number of Untouchables coming together to rebel was rising - although not the first of many factions, the Saffron Robes brought forth a surge in rebellious power with their rekindled spiritual salvation and harnessing inspiration from an ancient culture of discipline, thwarting several Devic clans. From then on, many Untouchables would publicly debunk the claims of the Devas, the biggest of all being the revival of the ancient arts of Yoga, which became responsible for liberating the energies of the Omkara under the control of the Devas. The Saffron Temple would become the most popular sanctuary for the Untouchables, a site dedicated to salvaging the ancient legacy of the Omkara until it was almost destroyed by raids commanded by the Devas. The Saffron Robes continue to guard the archives and build monasteries in defence against the rising 'third bloom' of technically superior Devas, as well as many other Untouchable factions.

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