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The source of all uncertain phenomena, the Omkara is an omnipotent energy field harnessed by divine and psychic forces, interconnected by the cosmos and consciences to alter reality and bring forth the experience of divine power. This energy has sporadically influenced the development of human science and technology throughout the ages.


Beings within the influence of the Omkara harness their own individual Kundalini, a coiled mass of potent spiritual energy that is awakened through sacred rituals and altering the conscience to unlock supernatural abilities and transcend states beyond the mundane - such abilities are coined as siddhis, alternatively coined by the Saffron Robes as iddhis. Rituals that successfully bring out this energy fall under the school of yoga, with techniques consisting of somatic movements, mantras, divine objects, and bonding between two or more sentient beings.
  Chakras, energetic constructs, are manufactured to detect and visualise the presence of the Omkara. This stabilities the efficiency of the psionic and divine powers affiliated with the energies, making it easier to align the spiritual flux towards one's Kundalini and accumulate further potential. Despite being artificial, these constructs do not suppress the flow of the energy and thus do not disturb the divine balance, making it a healthy technique of manipulating the energies.


The Omkara was bestowed upon humanity and the realms beyond during the ancient reign of the Primordials, to lend all sentient life the opportunity to seek and attain enlightenment through divine harmony and voyaging the cosmos. This continued as a tradition in the cycle of the universe, with humankind proving their loyalty and cooperation with the old gods. However, this bond had declined with each cycle, and this present cycle has proven to be a critical reduction in spirituality, with humanity bent on desire and delusion to conquer in their own independence and reign in constant conflict and gain. Losing confidence, the old gods went dormant with their disconnection from humanity.
  Millenniums later, remnants of the works of the old gods are rediscovered, including the many essences linking to the Omkara. A new world order transforms a surge of reborn spirituality into a tool of power as they unleash intense fluxes of energy and the dominance of the Devas upon the world, a chaos that consumes even their own cult that leaves the Devas to establish their clans. Under Devic leadership, the presence of the Omkara would become stronger, but the spiritual flow is kept under the control and surveillance of the respective Deva leaders and their priests, distributing its sacredness through worship and loyalty to the societal caste.
  With Dharmic technology, siddhis take the form of bionic implants that're granted through the clanship systems based on ones duty in the caste. Those who rebel against the subjugation of the Omkara aim to hijack the implants and allow the energy to flow through more holistic methods, such as the ones practiced during the ancient rule of the Primordials. The protest against this suppression is made vocal by the Untouchables, as the hindrance of this divine balance allows for hostile forces to invade the cosmos and disturb the energy field, dragging all of existence closer to a cataclysmic fate.
Metaphysical, Supernatural

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