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Devanoids, formally referred to as Devas, are humans that have been mutated at birth to possess characteristics akin to a godly being. Undergoing genetic engineering and divine manipulation under the supervision of high priests, Devas are conditioned at childhood with the reputation of a deity, forced to partake in an intense education on human sciences to connect with their future worshippers in the name of their theocratic clan.  


Devas can undergo a distinct range of mutations during the divine engineering process. The characteristics are sporadically selected from a pool of genes based on the traits of the old gods. These commonly include multiple arms or heads, pigmented skin, animal features, and a third eye. The augmentation that is essential across the creation of all Devas is a Shakti Core, a synthetic substance forms inside the spinal cord that infuses the Deva's conscience with a powerful connection to the Devascape, one of many realms flowing with divine energy - such substance radiates a psionic aura that stabilises their senses with the intense influx of spiritual power. Without the Shakti Core, the Deva’s conscience will dissociate and cause their functions to cease.   An apathetic power fantasy is psychologically programmed into the Deva, to ensure their emotional willpower depends on the religious praise of others and thus reinforces their duty as a divine leader. Oblivious to their engineered birth and separation from genuine human connection, they are almost incapable of existential clarity as they are zealous to their own vow. This power fantasy influences the Deva's governance over millenniums of sacred knowledge to fall under their captivity and tampering. It is a promise of liberation that masks their true desire of religious order, remaining dominant as long as the high priests can maintain the responsibility of the Deva.

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