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The story of the dwarven warrior legend Tokinao Tsu


Tokinao Tsu, often abbreviated to Toktsu is widely regarded to be the greatest swordsman ever in the history of Hivokia. Toktsu was born to the Warrior Caste and like all members of that caste was trained from an early age in the art of battle. Toktsu's mother was a warrior held in high esteem by her peers and she pushed her only son to excel in her field of expertise. Toktsus efforts were never good enough for her no matter how well he fought and eventually her ambition for him drove Toktsu to leave at a young age, leaving behind his responsibilities and the status his birth granted him to follow his own path.   While still a boy Toktsu beat a full grown elf of the Warrior Caste in a sword duel to the death over a spilled ale cup. He went on to challenge the head of the Juragawa School of Martial Arts and similarly beat him to death in his own school. The Masters students, incensed proceeded to challenge Toktsu but he beat a further 7 before fleeing, his point proven.   He is known to have fought for the Sanayamma Clan of Makino during the Succession Wars and is credited with breaking the siege of Tekihara by mining out under the city's walls to attack the surrounding army from behind with his soldiers.   Toktsu finally settled down when he married his first wife who it is alleged married him after he defeated her current husband in another duel. She bore him a son but passed in childbirth. Toktsu cared for his boy and taught him his way of the sword. When the boy came of age Toktsu used his influence to acquire him a place as the retainer of the Lord of Demi. Toktsus son was killed by bandits however, when the Lord took a trip to Ynnuyama. Toktsu went mad with grief. He refused to bath and let his beard and hair grow matted. Toktsu took to the wilderness on a personal mission to destroy every bandit he came across. Many local legends of vagabond warriors can be traced back to Toktsus ramblings.   Eventually Toktsu grew old and retired to found his own school of bladecraft known as the School of the Raging Flame. He died peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his students and the school still remains to this day in the Becalmed Bay on Hivokias south island of Jato.

Historical Basis

Toktsu definitely existed, founding the School of the Raging Fire fighting style. His grave is located a top the cliffs overlooking the bay, close to the school on the island of Jato

Variations & Mutation

Many townships hold that a local legend involving a swordsman refers to Toktsu. While he spent a lot of time as a travelling sword saint for hire it is impossible that he is responsible for every legend attributed to him

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