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The term 'goblin' is used to refer to many different forms of creatures. Typically charactised as mischievous vagabonds, they are villiainised by the people of Hivokia and blamed for all manner of thefts. Originating from the Feywild they typically dwell in forests on the outskirts of civilisation where they can take advantage of fringe society while also having easy access to Ways between Dharguun and the Feywild. They serve neither Court and may act on behalf of either or according to their own whims. In Hivokia they are Casteless and tend to gather in self serving Cabals or find employment in criminal enterprise.


  Goblin These are the most numerous of the goblinoids. Cunning in battle and cruel in victory, goblins are fawning and servile in defeat, just as in their own society lower castes must scrape before those of greater status and as goblin tribes bow before other goblinoids.   Hobgoblins Hobgoblins are generally taller than their goblin cousins. They have curved, pointed ears and noses that turn red or blue during displays of emotion. Though hobgoblins are found throughout the Material Plane, they continue to channel an aspect of the Feywild’s rule of reciprocity, which creates a mystical bond between the giver and the receiver of a gift. War is the lifeblood of hobgoblins. Its glories are the dreams that inspire them. Its horrors don’t feature in their nightmares. Cowardice is more terrible to hobgoblins than dying, for they carry their living acts into the afterlife. A hero in death becomes a hero eternal.   Ogres Ogres are as lazy of mind as they are strong of body. They live by raiding, scavenging, and killing for food and pleasure. The average adult specimen stands between 9 and 10 feet tall and weighs close to a thousand pounds. The stupidity of ogres is legendary. Few ogres can count to ten or build even the simplest tool or shelter, so they generally lair in caves or ruins and fight with clubs made from tree trunks. Some ogres know a few words of Common, such as “gold,” “kill,” and “mine!” Ogres are cruel,  bloodthirsty, greedy, and gluttonous; they can be easily bribed with gifts of food and treasure.   Oni In nursery rhymes, oni are fearsome bogeymen that haunt the nightmares of children and adults alike, yet they are very real and always hungry. They find elven babies especially delicious. Oni look like demonic ogres with blue or green skin, dark hair, and a pair of short ivory horns protruding from their foreheads. Their eyes are dark with strikingly white pupils, and their teeth and claws are jet black. Cruel and domineering, they often enslave weaker creatures and devour the innocent. Tieflings in Hivokia are often mistaken for Oni and so share their outcast status.   Yuan-ti Though classified as goblinoids by the people of Hivokia, Yuan-ti are not from the Feywild. They are what remains of a reptillion civilisation native to Dharguun who survived a catastrophe forgotten to the world.
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